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Look at the router these parameters purchase less spending money

Yh 2021-11-30 14:07:27

I recently saw such a segment on Weibo: a netizen moved to the new home, I want to buy a newrouterSo, I sent the online post to seek the opinions of "understanding the brother", and the gods have referred to the way, the XX family's AX5400, buy it!

Netizens went home to open the mobile phone, instantly, so many routers are called AX5400, there are several models under the same brand, but the price is not more than 100,000 miles, this is not said to be equal!

Naruto said: This is cooked!

看懂路由器这些参数 选购少花冤枉钱

Have to say, now the product introduction of the router on the market is too confusing. In addition to the AX + four digits, there are also 5G, dual-frequency / three-frequency, 2.5G, 160MHz and other series of dazzling parameters, give The purchase of consumers has brought great difficulties.

看懂路由器这些参数 选购少花冤枉钱

Today, let me take you to see what these letters and numbers say what it means, avoid buying the wrong model when purchasing, spending money.

01 AX + XX00

The first is the naming problem pointing. Nowadays, the common AX3000, AX5400, AX6000, etc., the AX of this is first representative this is a WiFi6 router, because the protocol used by WiFi6 technology is called 802.11ax.

Look at the numbers, this 3000, 5400, 6000 representative is actually the maximum wireless transmission rate of the router. The unit is Mbps, which can be referred to as a mega, and how many megabytes of fiber we often say is the same. unit. The reason here emphasizes the maximum because this transmission rate is the sum of the transmission rates of the router 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

So this 3000Mbps is not the maximum transmission speed that this router can provide you, because we obviously not use two frequency bands at the same time, the maximum speed usually depends on the 5GHz band, some merchants will introduce the two frequency bands in detail. Bandwidth.

看懂路由器这些参数 选购少花冤枉钱
Hot-selling TP-LINK AX5400 actually model is xdr5430

We can understand that the merchant wants to show the best network performance of their own products in the first time, but how much a little word game is doing. Behind it looks great, the performance that can actually appear may be half. What's more, these products themselves have their own specific models.

02 5G

5G mobile phones, 5G networks have been in the past two years, but the 5G actually appeared earlier on the router. Both are totally not a thing.

看懂路由器这些参数 选购少花冤枉钱 In fact, this way of writing is irregular.

The 5G referred to mobile phone (5T generation mobile communication technology), and the 5G on the router is actually supporting 5GHz, both of which are just a coincidence. The latter has already appeared in the WiFi5 era of 2019, and 5G communications has not been officially used.

Supporting 5GHz band means that the router can connect to a WiFi connection through a 5GHz band, thereby providing a higher transmission rate. The highest theoretical rate of the 2.4GHz band is 300Mbps, and the highest rate of 5GHz band is 867Mbps, which is more than twice.

03 160MHz

160MHz bandwidth is a new concept that emerges with WiFi6 popularity in recent years. As the new product has frequently listed frequently in major branded product posters, as a big selling point. What is this technology?

看懂路由器这些参数 选购少花冤枉钱 160MHz refers to the maximum frequency width of WiFi and directly affects the fastest speed of WiFi transmission. In the WiFi4 era, the maximum band is 40MHz, and the single-range bandwidth is up to 150Mbps. To WiFi5 era, maximum bandwidth supports 80MHz and 160MHz, with a single current bandwidth of 433Mbps and 867Mbps, respectively. WiFi6 maximum bandwidth supports 160MHz, with a single flow bandwidth of 1200 Mbps.

Nowadays, a lot of performance products have propaganda to support 4x4 160MHz super-wide frequency wide. The 4x4 refers to 4T4R (four receipts), playing alterations, if mobile phones and routers support 160MHz over largeband wide, then they It is a two-way eight lane, with the highest transfer rate of 2400 Mbps. In contrast, if one side only supports 2x2 160MHz bandwidth, the highest transmission rate will be halved. This is also why some vendors will call their routing in publicity is full of blood WiFi6.

04 Summarize

The above is the commonly confused parameters that are often confused on the router. When the ordinary user is purchased, the larger the value of the AX, the better, 4x4 full blood 160MHz bandwidth, 2.5G interface, processor core number, more, etc., more indicators, In appropriate screening according to the budget, you can take the least amount of money to buy a good router. After all, the domestic Gigabit network has not been popularized, and the units within 120 squares have a router within 500 yuan fully meet the daily needs.

Speaking of this, I have to recommend a hot WiFi6 router this year - Xiaomi AX6000, this product has been selling from the listing, and the daily is in the outstanding state, the secondary market needs to increase the price, even if it is There is no replenishment during the eleventh period, which is known as the most worth buying router in a thousand netizens. Ultra-high performance plus conscience configuration, buying a 50 year does not need to consider the route. At present, this product has opened an appointment in Jingdong Xiaomi's Flag. If you have a friend who upgraded needs, don't miss it, and you will make an appointment below!