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5G iPhone lacks important Qualcomm components, 5G machine sea, Apple sales or affected?

  • Author:DH
  • Release on :2019-12-05

On December 5, according to foreign media phonearena report, Apple's 5G iPhone released in September 2020 cannot carry Qualcomm's RF front-end. It is understood that Qualcomm mentioned in a previously issued statement that the use of Qualcomm's 5G modem chip with Qualcomm's RF front-end is better. This also means that all mobile phone manufacturers using Qualcomm mediators will have the best 5G mobile phone solutions next year, but Apple does not.

It is understood that the RF front-end is actually a radio-frequency front-end, which is a device close to the antenna part, including a transmitting path and a receiving path. 5G has stricter RF requirements, so mobile phones with better RF are undoubtedly more excellent. It is indeed a huge loss that the 5G iPhone cannot enjoy such an optimal cooperation.

But this is also for a reason. After all, Qualcomm and Apple have been in constant disputes throughout the year, and both sides are somewhat dissatisfied with each other. Although the two have settled and signed an agreement to ensure the smooth release of 5G iPhones next year, Apple will not be able to equip mobile phones with the best 5G solutions until at least 2021.