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The photographer’s invention helps you live better.

YH 2019-07-31 11:56:52

Hey, are you afraid?
The photographer will only take pictures? After reading the work of this photographer today, you will be sighed, is it because the photographer delayed him to become an inventor.
In the creative photography series "A Guide To Better Being" by Daniel? Gebhart de Koekkoek, a photographer in Vienna, Austria, he puts a toothbrush, Umbrellas, earphones, glasses and other daily necessities have made small and subtle changes, making them more convenient, and designing reasonable scenes to capture the state of people using these inventions.
The entire collection explores the solutions of everyday life in a unique way, giving viewers a little bit of fun or changing the inspiration of life in trivial everyday life.
Although these "inventions" may not be logical or practical enough, I believe that this will not hinder your love for this set of pictures.


This is a very friendly invention for "lazy people". It seems to save half the effort when using a double-headed toothbrush when brushing your teeth.

When you are alone, you will inevitably have someone to rely on, and your boyfriend’s arm pillow will help you sleep for three seconds.

For the make-up hand, this "painted lipstick artifact" is also awesome!
Just... is the face makeup not afraid of being smashed? ?

New shoes that have just been bought for a long time are inadvertently affected by rain, what should I do? anxious! Online!
It's time to understand the umbrella for this shoe, remember to buy two...

When the summer is coming, when you brush your mobile phone in the middle of the night, you will inevitably come to the mosquitoes.
With this mask and gloves, you can probably stay up all night!

I am used to stuffing my earplugs into sleep, but I am always worried that I can't hear the alarm clock.
The solution is coming, head-mounted alarm clock headphones, you deserve it.

He always wanted to have a distinctive tie.
Now, with this rain and rain tie, the low-key luxury has connotation, not afraid of pouring water and sunscreen!

Eye drops are all over the face? Isn't the funnel in the glasses solved?

The head-worn snot artifact is also very friendly to the comrades who have a cold!

When you don't wipe your nose, it looks quite stylish!

The new foot "hair dryer" allows you to save the trouble of running a fitness card.