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iPhone11 selfie score released-91 points, ranking out of ten!

DH 2020-05-09 17:58:10

Apple launched the iPhone11 machine last year. The starting price of the machine is 5499 yuan, which is 1,000 yuan cheaper than the previous generation iPhoneXr. Therefore, after the listing, many consumers said that this machine is "true fragrance"; now this The price of the machine is still relatively strong, the retail price of e-commerce is still around 5,000 yuan, but even so, the machine has ranked first in the domestic market for seven consecutive months.

Recently, DxO announced the selfie lens score of iPhone11. The machine got a score of 91. After all, iPhone11 is a smartphone of last year. This score is a good score in last year ’s smartphone; Huawei mate30 at the same period-Pro It ’s only 93 points, and Google ’s Pixel4 has only 92 points. The iPhone11 score is quite satisfactory.

DxO said that the front lens of the iPhone11 can shoot good colors and good exposure in most cases, which is a strong choice for selfie photographers, but the shortcoming is that the chance of noise is relatively high, and the wide angle is not enough Large, it is not suitable for group photography without a selfie stick; machines with higher photographic results do not have these problems.

The iPhone11 is equipped with an Apple A13 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage space. It starts with a 12-megapixel selfie lens on the front and two 12-megapixel lens modules on the back; this is the first 12-megapixel selfie lens iPhone, before this machine, iPhoneXs series machines used a 7-megapixel selfie lens.

At present, the smartphone with the highest self-timer score on DxO is Huawei P40Pro. This machine is also the first smartphone to take photos with DxO main camera lens. The front lens score of this machine is 103 points, and the rear lens score is 128 points. It surpasses its competitors; Huawei P40Pro continues the strength of the P series in terms of imaging, and is a very powerful smartphone for taking pictures.

Apple has not paid much attention to the camera function of smart phones, so when major mobile phone manufacturers use ultra-high-pixel selfie lenses, Apple even uses a 5-megapixel selfie lens for a long time, until the iPhone11 series of machines, Apple A 12-megapixel selfie lens was used.