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What is the "future" of OPPO's Future Technology Conference

YH 2020-12-01 11:30:23
Recently, OPPO has announced that it will hold "OPPO Future Science and Technology Conference 2020" on November 17, 2020. With the theme of "Leaping · Excellence", Mr. Chen Mingyong, FOUNDER and CEO of OPPO, and Mr. Liu Chang, VICE President of OPPO and President of THE Research Institute, will deliver keynote speeches at the conference to explain OPPO's thinking on science and technology.

At the conference, OPPO will not only share its thinking on the frontier of science and technology, but also bring you OPPO's latest "black technology products". Last year, OPPO held "Fusion · Borderless" as the theme of "OPPO Future Technology Conference 2019". On the eve of the 2020 Conference, it would be a good idea to review what "black technology" products OPPO has released in the past year and guess what surprises OPPO will bring this year.

Looking back on 2019 has all these black technologies
The year 2019 is known as the first year of 5G, so it is natural that OPPO's products in 5G will attract the most attention at the 2019 Conference. OPPO unveiled its 5G hardware product: OPPO 5G CPE at the "OPPO Future Technology Conference".

The CPE USES Qualcomm X55 5G chip solution, has a very high 5G rate, and supports a variety of Internet of Things protocols, a variety of Internet of Things devices, and can be used as a 5G hub for home connection. Even after nearly a year, there are still few 5G CPE products on the market, and OPPO 5G CPE, as one of the few 5G CPE devices on sale, has been recognized by users for its excellent performance and design.

再一次揭秘“黑科技” OPPO未来科技大会的“未来”是什么?


The reason why OPPO can create such excellent 5G products is inseparable from OPPO's research and development in technology, especially in 5G field. OPPO has four research centres and six research institutes around the world, according to data it presented at last year's conference. OPPO has accumulated more than 50,000 patents, accounting for more than 88% of invention patents. In the future, OPPO will invest 50 billion yuan in research and development, focusing on cutting-edge technologies such as 5G/6G, artificial intelligence, AR and big data.

再一次揭秘“黑科技” OPPO未来科技大会的“未来”是什么?

OPPO r&d investment

OPPO AR glasses unveiled at the 2019 Conference can be said to be a truly "black technology" product. The first generation of OPPO AR glasses released last year is equipped with a variety of sensors, ToF, 3D surround sound, diffraction optical waveguide and many other technologies, which is a rare AR glasses product with high degree of completion.

再一次揭秘“黑科技” OPPO未来科技大会的“未来”是什么?

OPPO AR glasses

At the "OPPO Future Technology Conference 2019", there is naturally also the OPPO Perspective panoramic screen mobile phone equipped with the camera technology under the screen. The technology of under screen camera has always been regarded as the key technology to achieve a complete and comprehensive screen mobile phone. OPPO's exhibition of the concept machine equipped with under screen camera technology shows that OPPO is committed to the research and development of under screen camera technology and has the strength to apply this technology on future smart phones.

It can be said that "OPPO Future Technology conference 2019" announced at the technology products have a common feature: the future. Whether 5G, AR or subscreen cameras are future-oriented technology products, they are likely to change the form of terminal electronic products or people's lifestyle in the future.

2020 "Black science and Technology" reappear
After reviewing the "black technology" products announced at OPPO Future Technology Conference 2019, let's look forward to what surprises OPPO will bring to us at OPPO Future Technology Conference 2020.

In the current OPPO official disclosure of information, the most attention is naturally the concept of mobile phones. As a new mobile phone form, fold-screen mobile phone is favored by many people due to its advantages of small size and large screen. This time, OPPO put forward on its official microblog "Big screen? Small screen? Infinite screen? In the future, your phone may be able to be retractable and retractable." It can be seen that this concept machine on the screen will certainly have a great breakthrough.

再一次揭秘“黑科技” OPPO未来科技大会的“未来”是什么?

OPPO X 2021 Concept Poster

Except OPPO concept, new OPPO also in preparation for a kind of intelligent hardware products: the second generation of OPPO AR glasses, from the point of view of the current exposure poster picture, this product is more than a generation products lightness, closer to People's Daily wear glasses form, and has richer interaction and experience more comfortable wearing.

再一次揭秘“黑科技” OPPO未来科技大会的“未来”是什么?

Second generation OPPO AR glasses concept poster

"This is a window into the digital world, not just positioning and navigation, but more entertainment in the virtual world," OPPO said in an official poster for its full-time spatial computing AR app. More information won't be available until the official release.

再一次揭秘“黑科技” OPPO未来科技大会的“未来”是什么?

Full time space computing AR application concept poster

According to the conference schedule published on OPPO's official website, OPPO will bring OPPO FDF full-dimension portrait video technology system and OPPO full-link color management system to the sub-forum of the conference. The former may bring a new experience for mobile video shooting, while the latter means that OPPO will be the first to introduce a full-fledged color management system in Android to improve the display.

According to the information disclosed by OPPO, it can be found that "OPPO Future Technology Conference 2020" will not only launch a number of future scenario-oriented products in the hardware field, but also launch software solutions in the software field that can solve problems in the industry.

OPPO chose to hold "OPPO Future Technology Conference", on the one hand, to let the industry and consumers understand OPPO's views on future technology application; On the other hand, by displaying the latest technology products, OPPO can give the assumption of the future technology terminal product form; Then let the outside world know OPPO technology research and development strength and its future development plan.