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In 2020, Mediatek mass - produced Phet chip inventory

YH 2020-12-01 11:54:55
Mediatek's march into smartphone chips has not been smooth. In the early years, Mediatek sensed the development potential of smart phones and entered the market rapidly with the "turnkey solution" in the field of smart phone chips. Unfortunately, mediatek's performance in the field of smart phone chips in recent years has not been outstanding. Mediatek, with its profound accumulation in the field of chip design, has ushered in a new round of explosion in the 5G era.

没有硝烟的逆袭 2020年联发科量产天玑芯片盘点

Mediatek Breguet series with superior performance, affordable price received the favor of the market, mobile phone enthusiasts have said: "MTK, Yes! At the same time, Mediatek 5G chips have also achieved good market performance. A research report from Digitimes shows that in the second quarter of 2020, China's SMARTPHONE AP (application processing) market, Mediatek rose to the first place with 38.3% share. We're also seeing more and more mediatek chips on the market. Today we take stock of the tianchi chips produced by Metrica in 2020 to learn about each series of breguet family members.

1 Phet 1000 series: successfully penetrate into middle and high-end mobile phones

没有硝烟的逆袭 2020年联发科量产天玑芯片盘点


没有硝烟的逆袭 2020年联发科量产天玑芯片盘点

The Phet 1000 series USES the dual-cluster CPU architecture of the 4-core Cortex-A77+ 4-core Cortex-A55. CPU design belongs to the current high-end level. On the other hand, THE GPU adopts the current ARM high-end Mali-G77, Phecas 1000+ has 9 computing units, and Phecas 1000L has 7 computing units, which are quite capable of playing in their respective price positions. 5G baseband is Helio M70, integrated in SoC and supports dual-card 5G.

没有硝烟的逆袭 2020年联发科量产天玑芯片盘点

OPPO Reno3 of Breguet 1000L is adopted

Of the two chips, Phet 1000L came to market early with mainstream performance; Tian Ji 1000+ later listed, positioning flagship. Compared with the same period of competing products, Phet 1000 series did not achieve a full range of leading, there is no obvious lag, in the same price level interval, Phet 1000 series and competing products play back and forward. It's reminiscent of a line from Shaolin Soccer: "Back, I feel it, all back."

没有硝烟的逆袭 2020年联发科量产天玑芯片盘点

The first use of Breguet 1000+ iQOO Z1

Breguet 1000 series, the greater significance is to let the market realize mediatek mobile chip research and development of importance. Mediatek has two series, The Phet 820 and Phet 800, on the moveable chip.

02 Phet 820: Lei Jun said it was very nice

Phet 820, which was launched in May this year, mainly focuses on the mid-range price/performance ratio. The biggest selling point of this chip is the more than 400,000 running points of Antutu. Some of the parameters are listed in the following table.

没有硝烟的逆袭 2020年联发科量产天玑芯片盘点

The Phet 820 USES the dual-cluster CPU architecture of a 4-core Cortex-A76+ 4-core Cortex-A55. CPU design belongs to the current high - end level. On the other hand, the Mali G57, which is identical to Mali-G77, has 5 computing units and GPU frequency of 900MHz, which can play images in the mid-chip. Notably, the baseband of the Phet 820 USES the same Helio M70 as the Phet 1000 series.

没有硝烟的逆袭 2020年联发科量产天玑芯片盘点

The Phet 820 is currently available only for the Hongmi 10X series

As a whole, the Technology of the Phet 820 is excellent. When the phet 820 was released, even Lei Jun praised the chip. However, at present, only two models of Hongmi 10X series are available on the market with Phet 820 chips. In terms of the variety of models, they are far inferior to phet 800 series next door.

03 Breguet 800 series: The amount of breguet family

At present in the domestic market, Mediatek Phet 800 series manufacturers have the highest recognition, OPPO, Realme, Vivo, Huawei and other manufacturers have adopted this series of chip models. Phet 800 series contains phet 800 and Phet 800U chips. Some important parameters are listed in the following table.

没有硝烟的逆袭 2020年联发科量产天玑芯片盘点

There are obvious differences between Phet 800 and Phet 800U in chip design. Although both cpus are double-cluster architectures, in terms of performance, Breguet 800 is stronger. Breguet 800U improves the frequency of large core cluster and increases the number of cores in small core cluster, so the CPU performance of Breguet 800 is stronger. In terms of GPU, mali-G57 is adopted. Phabas 800 has 4 computing units and Phabas 800U has 3 computing units. Both chips use a 7nm process.

没有硝烟的逆袭 2020年联发科量产天玑芯片盘点

Guet 800 series can be said to be the most important series of the current Guet family, Guet 800 successfully into the mainstream manufacturers of the procurement chain, the development of guet family in the future has an immeasurable role. Phecas 800 series to popularize 5G also has obvious promotion effect. Phet 1000 series is a good start for Mediatek in the field of mobile chips, Phet 800 series means mediatek chips back to the mainstream vision.

04 Phet 720:5G popular model favorite

Phet 720 positioning 5G universal chip. The paper parameters, this chip and Phet 800U most close. The parameter differences between the 720 and 800U of phet are listed in the following figure.

没有硝烟的逆袭 2020年联发科量产天玑芯片盘点

The paper parameters of the phet 720 are slightly weaker than the Phet 800U. The 720 of Phet is the important task of 5G popularization in Phet family.

没有硝烟的逆袭 2020年联发科量产天玑芯片盘点

Realme Q2i is ¥998

The Breguet 720 chip is the only current realMe Q2i phone priced under $1,000. It won't be long before we see more 5G phones within 1,000 yuan using the Phet 720 chip.


The 5G era has made Mediatek a chip manufacturer shining new light in the field of mobile chips, as well as the maturity of the 7nm manufacturing process and the mature design of ARM's public version architecture, all of which have made mediatek's counter-attack irresistible. Mediatek has also completed the coverage of the full price segment from flagship to 5G popularization in chip design. The Breguet family in 2020 is enough to refresh your understanding of Mediatek.

没有硝烟的逆袭 2020年联发科量产天玑芯片盘点