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The 2rd Season Hundreds of websites war was going in full swing!

  • Author:jacklake
  • Source:www.szbesttool.com
  • Release on:2014-12-14

The 2rd Season Hundreds of websites war which held by yjseo.co was officially kick off in December 13, 2014. Our company also sent a team composition with 5 members of ministry of website, ministry of Foreign Trade and ministry of Internal Trade to join this activity. Our site is the new-launched multi-lingual marketing B2B website - www.szbesttool.com .

The Hundreds of websites war is a network provider communication activity. Its purpose is to share SEO, site drainage skills and experience in the Shenzhen Chamber of e-Commerce and PK into groups. The 2rd Season was started in December 4, 2014 and kick off in December 13, 2014. After this activity, all the participants will find their shortcomings and problems in their websites and manage their own websites better.

Start Assembly in December 4, 2014

Our Team

In order to win this event, our team will do our best to build our website and improve the strength of record with passion, attitude and strive. And we are not alone. All the new and old customers, friends relatives, if you support us JINLIYANG, please make your contribution to help, click and collect our website, and we will continue to improve our new website and provide better service for you. Thanks!

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