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Say you may not believe that OLED TV is cheaper than LCD?

Yh 2021-10-26 09:05:29

After nearly a hundred years of development, from the earliest black and white TV, to the CRT color TV, it also occupies the mainstream LCD.LCD TVSolid forms in people's minds have been subversive again and again, subversive is the progress of the product, which is the leap of technology, and the people living room entertainment life is changed again and again.

As we all know, the liquid crystal technology appeared in the 1970s, in fact, from the current display of LCD technology, the technical starting point of the LCD panel itself is not high, you must know the earliest liquid crystal products, regardless of the performance, response speed, etc. The quality is poor, the initial liquid crystal display device, the liquid crystal arrangement of the inside the panel even more than 1 second! It seems a short time, but it means that the user dragged a dialog and even following up to 1 second trajectory!

The so-called "three years old to see the old" a technology in the initial performance, in fact, it has already determined the upper limit of its post-development, so the liquid crystal panel has developed in nearly 40 years, so long time spans, can not completely eradicate it The hard injury of the leakage problem is painful, and it is also hoped to have a completely subversion technique, and at this time, OLED officially appeared, and met with us.

· The survival of the fittest is an inevitable condition for the development of industry competition products. What is the OLED to beat LCD products?

1. Physical Form:

Detailed TV industrial design development history is from "a" "one" to "one" evolution process, this is a change in product form, so in terms of appearance, it can become thinner and seem to symbolize. It is well known that the LCD product has been able to "ultra-thin" TV thickness, and OLED? With simple physical structure, the excellent characteristics of electroluminescence, such "a TV" will be born.

OLED technology allows TV products to evolve again in the appearance. From the earliest CRT "big ass" TV to the LCD TV, TV products have experienced the most revolutionary changes. It seems to be the time, TV manufacturers are in product The pursuit of the thickness has begun. The physical structure is simple, and the thickness of the TV equipment of OLED technology has been achieved, while the display characteristics of the self-illumination seem to be more important.

2, self-illumination:

It is not only "thin", and the backlight of the LCD panel is also the culprit of the LCD TV leakage, and it means that the TV from OLED technology has begun! It has a true black! The "electric to the bright" characteristics overcome the "DC" chair of the LCD product.


In an objective point of view, the development direction of display technology is certain, "self-luminous" technologies, such as the current OLED technology, and the transitional technology developed by more advanced self-illuminating technology. The last goal of the QLED quantum point display is also achieved, where is the exploration of the display technology light source? How long does it take to penetrate the whole export? This is the relationship between the industry's next tightening technology needs to focus on the relationship.

3, price:

The gradual fermentation of the consumer upgrade, consumers purchase more high-end products more stronger than before, with higher visual entertainment requirements, the research and development of the industry is gradually strengthening, and the promotion of the promotion of the technology in recent years The growth of the explosive, and this naturally includes OLED technology, and the improvement of the technology, the product is improved, and the product price will be gradually undergrading.


At the same time, one of the priorities we need to pay attention is that the change in price trends in OLED technology and liquid crystal technology, the liquid crystal technology gradually drops from the beginning to prices from the beginning, it takes 10 years, and the OLED technology is revealed. From the occurrence of popularization, it is about 5 years.

Now, the market capacity of millet has been completed to the popularity of the medium and low-end market. The mobile phone products have completed the layout at the 2018 iPhone X, which is foreseen that the price of the OLED panel becomes more than Liquid Crystal It's too inevitable.