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Performance improvement, photography enhancement, 7 change interpretation of Iphone13

Yh 2021-09-15 14:43:39

Apple has conducted a global live broadcast released in the 2021 autumn, unveiled the mysterious veil of the iPhone13 series. On the eve of the press, there are many imaginary and rumors on the iPhone13 series on the Internet. Apple as a giant in the field of electronic technology, just like the lighthouse on the sea, every generation of newiPhonePublishing will lead the new trend of technology.


In the iPhone13 series, there are many fragrances, and then the author is inventory of the new iPhone one by one.

01 Chip upgrade, performance is greatly improved

iPhonecell phoneEach update the upgrade of the iterative chip is not ignored. As the heart of the phone, the chip directly affects its performance, many parts of the image, is a highlight of mobile phone, is a key factor in determining product excellence.


This time, the iPhone13 series is not expensive, equipped with a 5nm process A15 processor, which integrates up to 15 billionTransistorHowever, compared to the upper generation of 11.5 billion, it has increased by 35 billion. According to the proportion of 30%, the more the number of transistors is more complicated, and the same performance is also more powerful; this A15 chip is mainly improved in GPU, iPhone13 4 core graphics processors, iPhone13PRO series use 5 core graphics processors; also equipped with new display engines, video encoders, security modules, and losslesscompressionalgorithm.


The nerve engine is also the focus of this upgrade. It can reach 15.8 trillion per second, and the above generation has accelerated 34%, which can run powerful Coreml, AR modeling.

If this, the hardware performance of the A15 chip is the property of the expectations, so there are those places worth looking forward to in the look.

02 Liu Hai narrows, and the value is greatly improved.

Previously, the iPhone used a stringent FaceID unlocking method, although the user's privacy was significantly improved, the broad Liu Hai made a colorful value-oriented user unacceptable. It is said that the iPhone never looks back to things, and only the iPhone is alone when all mobile phone manufacturers are in the pursuit of the ultimate screen, and only the iPhone is alone. In order to safely carry "ugly" to the end.

The FaceID technology in the iPhone 13 series also ushered in a new technical breakthrough. Under the premise of ensuring safety, Liu Hai has shrunk by 20%, using a seamless hepo scheme, and the handset "Tibet" to the body border and screen between.


This time, FaceID technology has ushered in breakthrough in the iPhone13 series. Under the premise of guaranteeing safety, Liu Hai has shrunk by 20%, and the "Liu Hai" do you like?

03 Imaging is enhanced, and there is more than a little

Today, mobile phone imaging system is more and more mobile phone manufacturers, Apple is naturally no exception. The mobile phone image system is an important part of the display of hard strength as an upgrade "breakthrough". This time, the IPHONE13 series rear image system has also ushered in a major breakthrough.


In terms of hardware, iPhone13 uses the back double-fitting design, which is 12 million pixels wide angle and 12 million pixel super wide-angle lenses and upgraded 6P autofocus schemes. In addition, the model has also joined a new displacement anti-shake plan, and the anti-shake performance is greatly improved.

The iPhone13 PRO three cameras have adopted the F / 1.8 aperture super wide-angle lens, the F / 1.5 aperture wide-angle lens and a 77mm telephoto lens, and also adds a macro image.

It can be said that this time in the imaging system is very huge, then we will pay attention to photography.


With the boom of Vlog, it has become the latest street beat method, and the processing and optimization of the video is essential. The iPhone13 series has added movie effect mode on the basis of photography. The video game is also provided a richer choice.

In addition, the iPhone13 PRO series also adds Pro Resns and intelligent HDR4 features, providing more video entrepreneurs with better image selection.

04 Pink, create a trend explosion

The iPhone13 has brought pink, blue, red, starlight, and five color matching midnight.


The iPhone13 PRO has brought graphite, gold, silver, and far peak blue.


In these color colors, the author boldly guess the iPhone13 series of pink and iPhone13 PRO series of far peaks will become this year's explosive coloring, after all, special is more popular.

05 Screen upgrade, high brush is not appetizer

Since high brush screen is popular, Apple has no high brush has become a knot in the user's heart. This time, the iPhone13 Pro series not only joins 120Hz high brush and to reduce power consumption to add the PROMotion adaptive refresh rate function, and can automatically adjust the screen refresh rate according to the user browsing, and the screen refresh is to extend the user's battery life while ensuring the performance.


The iPhone13 and MINI have adopted a 6.1 and 5, respectively.4 inchesOLED screen, the highest brightness is 800 Nit, and the screen quality of the iPhone13 Pro series is better, although the same OLED screen, but the highest brightness can exceed 1000 Nit.

06 Not only is battery upgrade, optimization is more important

The iPhone's battery life seems to have been well known. "joke", One day, two charges have become an indisputable fact. For the sake of lightweight battery, the battery life is shortened into a wounded in the user's heart.


Since the IPHONE13 series all models have been redesigned inside, it can be done with a battery pack that is larger, larger capacity, and benefits from the A15 processor under the premise of the fuselage size. Powerful optimization capabilities, endless capacity is not small compared to the above generation.

iPhone 12 ProVideo playFor up to 17 hours, iPhone 13 Pro is upgraded to up to 22 hours; iPhone 12 Pro Max video is up to 20 hours, iPhone 13 Pro Max is upgraded to up to 28 hours. This span is on the largest endurance upgrade of the iPhone series.

07 1TB solves your memory anxiety

This iPhone13 PRO series has launched a maximum of 1TB capacity storage, but there is no such a previous rumor to give up 256GB of version. Taking iPhone13 Pro as an example, Apple provides 128GB \ 256GB \ 512GB \ 1TB four options, absolutely meets the different needs of most people's storage.


08 Summarize

The above is this Apple Autumn Release will increase the key to the iPhone, whether it is from performance, appearance, and battery life.


Although the performance of this apple has been upgraded, but the excellent tradition from iPhone12 - no longer randomly attached to the charging head, it has been reserved. So in addition to "Forced" to choose Apple's official charger, what else can I complete the "13 incense"? Here, I found a power adapter that is very suitable for iPhone13 new machine - NKER Aksch, which is also 20W fast charge to support the PD protocol, using Apple original chip, and joined AI intelligent temperature control system, each second It can be carried out 20 times temperature monitoring. If it is calculated for one night, 570,000 monitoring can be carried out per night. When the temperature is abnormal, the intelligent adjustment output power will achieve cooling effect, the price is only 89 yuan, give you Safe fast charge experience!