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Ni Guangnan suddenly spoke, two reasons for abandoning Windows, Microsoft caught off guard

DH 2020-03-31 11:08:37

Status of the computer market

According to data from overseas research institutions, the current Windows market share in the global market is as high as 95%, which is a very large user volume. It is no exaggeration to say that Microsoft has almost achieved monopoly development of the desktop operating system market. Although there are still desktop operating systems similar to Linux and Chrome OS in the market, the share they can occupy is minimal.

Guided by the advantages of this large market share, Windows has brought rich operating income to Microsoft, and with sufficient cash flow support, Microsoft's needs for all aspects of the Windows system have also been continuously improved, which has formed a positive development. Virtuous circle.

Therefore, the current Windows system has achieved the world's first in the field of desktop operating systems in terms of software ecology and system animation.

Frequent actions

However, just as the Windows system continues to develop rapidly, the domestic market in 2019 has begun to "scale up" to build a desktop operating system independently developed by China. In fact, the most famous is naturally the UOS system, because the system was born. Thanks to the strength of many domestic desktop operating system manufacturers, the official version of UOS has now been released. According to Liu Wenhuan, general manager of Tongxin Software, UOS can now enter the commercial stage.

Shortly after the layout of the UOS system was completed, Kirin Software was recently born, and the company's goal was to create a complete domestic operating system.

From Tongxin Software to Kirin Software, recent domestic technology giants seem to be working hard on the operating system. The purpose of these system giants is to hope that domestic operating systems can gradually replace Windows in the domestic market. However, whether it is UOS or the upcoming Kirin system, there is still a certain gap compared with Windows from the overall effect of the system. So why do system giants choose to replace it?

A sudden sound

Regarding this issue, Academician Ni Guangnan made a good explanation at Kirin Software's inaugural meeting on March 20, and in this voice, two major reasons for the abandonment of Windows in the domestic market have also appeared.

One is the outage of Win XP and Win 7, both reflecting China's "uncontrollable" passive situation with respect to the Windows system, because the Windows system does not originate in China, and China has no final dominance over it. In this case, Below, our country can only be led by the nose.

The second is that according to an evaluation conducted by a domestic research institution for a domestic operating system, Win 7 and Win 10, the domestic operating system was finally confirmed to be the most secure. This is also the most important, because with the outbreak of the information age, the security of the Internet is becoming more and more important, and the foundation of Internet security is that the operating system must be secure.

to sum up

With the advent of the 5G era, the establishment of a controllable and secure network environment has become an important task for various countries. Therefore, self-developed operating systems have naturally become an inevitable development task for each country, but China's actions are relatively rapid.

I believe that after hearing Ni Guangnan's statement, Microsoft was also caught off guard, because this represented China's determination to replace Windows on the operating system.

How long do you think it will take in China to fully replace Windows?