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New Arrival BST-115、BST-116 tool kit bag

xiaojin 2017-09-30 23:52:20
NewArrival BST-115、BST-116 tool kit bag新品BST-115,BST-116工具包Madeof high quality material and unique human body mechanics design.Thismulti-functional repair tool kit bag adopts the oxford cloth fabrics,fineworkmanship.Theycan used for most mobile phone,PC,laptop,digital products,glasses repairing.Theyare perfect for professional maintancer and DIY enthusiasts.
BST-115 mobile phone repair tool kit hand tools repair kits with tweezers screwdrivers pry tools
  Packing include:
1pc screwdriver pentalobe 0.8
1pc screwdriver PH000
1pc screwdriver Tri-wing 0.6(Y000)
1pc screwdriver pinhead phillips 2.5
1pc screwdriver Torx T2
1pc screwdriver H2.5 1pc straight stainless steel tweezers
1pc Curved stainless steel tweezers
1pc double head metal pry bar
1pc Graver
1pc Plastic spudger (red one)
3pcs Plastic open pry tool(2 green one +1 blue one)

BST-116 43 in 1 Hand Open Pry Tools Set Screwdriver Cell Phone Repair Tool Kit with Case

1*126 pry tool
1*Bent tip tweezers
1*Straight tweezers
1*Extending bar
1*Pry tool
30*screw bits
1*Magnetizer & Demagnetizer
1*Suction cups
1*128 Plastic scraper
30 in 1 screwdriver set:
Pentalobe 0.8,Pentalobe 2.0,Triangle 2.3,Pentalobe 1.2,M1.5,M3.5,M2.5,Tri-wing 3.0,Tri-wing 2.0,Slotted 4.0
M1.5,Triangle 2.3,U2.3,Slotted 3.0,Slotted 2.0,Slotted 2.5,Phillies 3.0,M4.0,M3.0,Slotted 1.5

5pcs screwdriver:

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