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Mobile phone shut down every day in the end okay? The truth is a surprise!

2017-09-19 13:52:41
For modern people,
Mobile phones are getting more and more important.
Some people will have questions:
Phone does not shut down for a long time,
Will it shorten the service life?
Need to shut down once a day?
We told you to talk about,
The right way to shut down.

Is the phone shut down every day?
Some people used to shut down every day,
Think this can let the phone rest,
Thereby extending the service life.
Some people feel that the current smart machine,
Do not need every day.
in fact,
Mobile phone once a week more reasonable.

Although not every day off,
But for a long time,
But also to shut down,
Let the phone get relief.

Why can not often open and shut down machine?
Often switch machine, the phone loss slightly larger
Each time the shutdown and then boot, the phone must be reloaded to read the data, which will memory on the phone to produce some loss.
If open and shut down every day, the memory loss will be more serious.
Often switch machine more power
Shutdown and boot not only need to reload and read data, but also increase the power consumption.
However, this also varies from cell phone, if only standby, the phone will automatically adjust the power and optimize the operation of the background, in order to achieve the purpose of saving.
Long standby, will lead to slow running
Do you think the more often use mobile phone, the more slowly the phone will be? This is because when we use the phone,  the system will produce junk files, what`s more,the background program running for a long time, garbage can not be cleaned up in time .
How long to restart once

Suggested: the best one week to restart the phone once, because in the restart process, the phone will automatically clean up the system garbage, the way to close the software background program to complete self-repair. After the phone restarts, it will become relatively smooth.