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Home service mobile phone repair industry

2017-09-18 15:48:59
  Nowadays we can easily achieve online shopping, ordering, parking, and when the phone is often helpless when asked, if you seek mobile phone manufacturers official help, then faced with high maintenance costs, maintenance items less expensive price points. If the vision turned to private repair shop, and the prevalence of price opaque, spare parts quality is difficult to protect, uneven level of maintenance and other short board, and even there are unparalleled companies exist to replace the original customer accessories, theft of personal information and other illegal data Discipline.

  Jingdong recently announced a number of mobile phone manufacturers to launch a "home to home" program, Tencent announced into the mobile phone repair market, O2O mode of mobile phone repair service SuperFix official external beta (http://www.superfix.cn/), using O2O line Mode to provide repair service.
   BEST help customers a unified standardized service model, launched home repair tool set.

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