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Mobile phone repair can become a big business? Tencent also began to do mobile phone repair ...

2017-08-17 17:33:17
  Recently, Tencent announced to enter the mobile phone repair market, O2O mode of mobile phone repair service SuperFix official external beta (http://www.superfix.cn/), using O2O online and offline mode to provide repair service. Users landing official website, you can query the specific price of mobile phone point of error and then orders, the phone mail to the maintenance department. Then the customer service staff will contact the user to determine the final maintenance quote and payment, and soon you can sign a good phone has been repaired.
  Currently supported phones include:
iPhone:iPhone 4 , iPhone 4s , iPhone 5 , iPhone 5c , iPhone 5s , iPhone 6 , iPhone 6 Plus ;

iPad:iPad 2 , iPad 3 , iPad 4 , iPad Air , iPad Air 2 , iPad Mini , iPad Mini 2 , iPad Mini 3;

三星: Galaxy S3 , S4 , S5 , Galaxy Note , Note2 , Note3 , Note4 。

It is expected that follow-up will also open support for more mobile phone brands.

It is learned that from the mobile phone to receive the phone, the whole process is generally 2-4 days. Users can also like Taobao, as the service for public evaluation.
At the same time, the maintenance of the original accessories, price open, 12 hours fast repair and 180 days free warranty, to avoid the traditional repair machine high offer, technology indiscriminate use, black box operation and maintenance after the door without security and so on.

Superfix from Shenzhen Bottle Technology Co., Ltd., who is the bottle technology? Brush wizard we all know it, it is the bottle of technology products. The bottling technology behind the big boss, it is Tencent.

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