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Interview with China Telecom Raybo: Propose a Pilot Network Series Standard Mature

Mandy Extreme website 2021-08-09 09:54:35

August 9th (Water Easy) July 5th to 16th, 2021, at the International Telecommunication Alliance Telecommunication Standardization Department (ITU-T) Group 13 Reporting Group (SG13) reporter meeting, adopted by China Telecom Research Institute The integration network framework and architecture standard (Y.2501), which is the first power network standard for international standardization organizations.

The first passage of international standards in the network and the formation of international series of standards is an important step from domestic towards international, and there is a milestone in the development of the network. Recently, the leader of this standard, the director of the China Telecom Research Institute's future network research center, Lei Bo accepted the interview with C114, in detail the proposed background of the integrated network, the meaning of the network, China Telecom's innovation in the field of power network And follow-up planning.

Y.2501 Computing Power Network- Framework and Architecture

Application driver, power network is imperative

The in-depth development of emerging technologies such as 5G, IoT, artificial intelligence, promoting the application gradually diversified, diversified. Traditional cloud computing can not meet the needs of various applications, and the calculation capacity has become an inevitable trend, so edge calculation has always been focusing in recent years in recent years.

"When I initially do my edge computing, we found that it is clear that the nodes calculated by the server and the edges arrived at the most recent location, but the final test effect is not good." Leibo pointed out that we found a large number of scenes Combine network information to provide computing, storage, network resources, and can meet business needs.

In this exploration practice, China Telecom Research Institute has started researching network research, joint industry mainstream vendors, explores how many types of resources such as calculation, storage, and networks. Leibo introduction, China's overall idea of ​​China's telecom power network is to further combine over the edge computing, cloud computing and other multi-level power nodes and networks to realize resource supply under cloud network integration, providing users with optimal services and Operation guarantee.

Lei Bo pointed out that the power network focuses on the problem of multidimensional resource fusion supply, on the one hand, it is possible to provide users with optimized resource allocation, avoiding supply imbalance, such as computing resources super match, network resource performance is insufficient, on the other hand It can improve the edge computing node resource utilization, realize resource sharing, and improve efficiency.

Promote standard maturity with the pioneers

Information communication industry, standard is a technology executable, can be used, commercially available cornerstone, especially after becoming an international standard, will further accelerate the maturity of the industry chain, and then the continuous evolution of radiation related technologies.

Leibo said that China Telecom is currently the pioneer of interactive network series, has been committed to the promotion and standardization of networking in the international network, has completed the first ITU (ITU-T) power network international Standard, and jointly promote the relevant number of standard projects, planning to form a series of standards of integration networks.

It is understood that in view of the active development of integr network standards, ITU recommends opening Y.2500 series number, with Y.2501 "Computing Power Network- framework and architecture as the first standard, forming a power network series standard, communicating with China Standardization Association (CCSA) Computer Network Series The standard has echoed each other.

Leibo frankly, in the process of establishing the International Standard Development of the Web Network, there were also some questions and challenges, mainly due to the different domestic and foreign operating environment, especially in the field of domestic marginal calculations. The speed is more rapid, and the business needs faced are not exactly, causing foreign experts to controversial for the need for foreign network, and later, after a multi-round discussion, foreign experts have gradually accepted the relevant concept.

At present, there is some respective development routes for the idea of ​​Weille Network. This Lei Points pointed out that the three major operators' research teams have been actively exchanged, closely cooperated, and jointly developed the research and application of all parties to promote the intersection network technology. For example, in the main standards such as ITU-T, CCSA, are jointly promoted the research work of integrity network, and jointly established a special working group in the Network 5.0 alliance with Xinxongyuan, Huawei, ZTE, and Chinese Academy of Sciences. Research on Web Network Technology and Application.

Practice landing, support "cloud reform"

Digital era, "cloud reform" became the main melody of China Telecom's development. China Telecom establishes the "net is the foundation, cloud is the core, the network with the cloud", and the cloud network is integrated. By integrating the strong cloud network resources, the new information infrastructure of cloud network is constructed, and the construction of digital platforms, help thousands Ocemberine digital transformation.

Lei Bao pointed out that the integration and comprehensive supply of cloud network resources can support the integration and comprehensive supply of cloud network resources, enhance business service level and improve resource utilization, especially the demand for emerging business, New Development of Economic and Social Development Laying Information Basis.

Around this overall strategy, China Telecom will focus more focused on the integration of resources of the resources, and can provide services to users, including integration, information distribution and calculation. Force transactions and other categories. Leibo said that China Telecom actively organizes the prototype R & D work of the key equipment and the management transaction platform, and achieves corresponding results.

It is understood that China Telecom has conducted the industry's first example of the industry's primary system in the 2019 Nanjing GNTC conference; in January 2020, the Portuguese ITU-T FG2030 meeting demonstrated a power network based on AI applications. The latest achievements; in the December 20020 Network 5.0 Summit, the industry's first settlement network trading platform is displayed; in June 202, the online conference, the network conference, showed the integrated network trading control system.

Continuous evolution, boost business value implementation

From the early studies, the practice of the stage can be said, and China Telecom can maintain a leading body. Continuous evolution for the future, Leibo said that China Telecom Research Institute will actively promote research in force network technology from the following three generous.

First, in the large-evidence of 6g and future network technology research, innovation proposes to propose a medium-long network evolution system and key technologies.

Second, it will work closely with the industry, joint research and solve the core problems encountered in the research of the intersection network technology, such as the mass measurement and identification.

Finally, China Telecom Research Institute will jointly conduct the first test work of integrated pilot provinces, that is, according to the simplified technical plan, the pilot verification work is carried out, promote the maturity of relevant systems and technologies, and can bring business value as soon as possible.

Of course, it is not only in the network, China Telecom Research Institute actively conducts research and innovation work in 6G and future network fields, and proposes 6G architectural ideas represented by "three floors", and is determined in new wireless vaccination technology. Network, IPv6 technology, block chain technology, etc., continuous research work, effectively promoted the innovation and development of network technology, providing strong technical guarantee for the development of emerging business, better implementation and implementation of "cloud reform" strategy.