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Important news for Europe! Huawei can be substituted for netizens. It all happened a bit suddenly!

  • Author:DH
  • Release on:2020-04-14
Since Huawei developed the 5G network, it has received global attention. Through Huawei ’s efforts for so many years, Huawei has become the world ’s number one 5G patent application. It can be seen that China has been in the forefront of 5G development in the world.
With the technological breakthrough of Huawei 5G, the United States is also trying to prevent Huawei from developing internationally. Through this US practice, some countries have raised questions that Huawei ’s 5G technology has great advantages. If we do not use Huawei ’s 5G, So what does it replace?
Before the United States has not come up with technology that can compete with Huawei 5G, which makes many people think that Huawei 5G can not be replaced in the European market, but just recently ushered in important news in Europe, Huawei can be replaced Yes, according to foreign media reports, Aierxin 5G is currently a leader in the world, and has achieved commercial use of 5G networks in the world.
It can be seen that Huawei 5G can be replaced. This Elsson is a one-plus Swedish technology veteran communications giant. Its international position is also very high. Now its emergence is also a powerful for Huawei Rivals, many netizens said that this happened a little suddenly after they knew this matter. It seems that competition is still fierce in this technological age.