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Bullying Huawei? Ni Guangnan issued a "warning" that Qualcomm Apple may lose 500 billion!

DH 2020-04-11 10:04:46

Mentioning Huawei is familiar to everyone. As the technology company with the largest investment in research and development in China, Huawei ’s 2019 financial report shows that Huawei ’s R & D expenses reached 131.7 billion yuan, accounting for 15.3% of annual sales. Under difficult circumstances, Huawei ’s mobile phone shipments have reached 240 million units, and global sales revenue is 885.8 billion yuan, an increase of 19.1% year-on-year. It has won 91 5G commercial contracts, and behind the gorgeous data is Huawei ’s tireless workforce of more than 100,000 employees. What he got from hard work and hard work, after facing the suppression of the United States, Huawei also counterattacked. Not only announced the self-developed HMS ecological experience, but also created a Hongmeng system!

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01Bullying Huawei?

Perhaps it is to realize the difficult situation in 2020, and Ren Zhengfei also issued an iron order. Huawei ’s investment in R & D in 2020 is expected to continue to increase. In the case that its own profits are not as good as Apple ’s Samsung, Huawei has broken through the shackles of technology and ignored the profits In order to build a self-developed ecosystem and close cooperation with domestic supply chain manufacturers, the newly released Huawei P40 pro is almost "de-Americanized". Many core components are self-developed by Huawei, especially Huawei ’s 5G business implementation. Great breakthrough, powerEricsson and Nokia received the most 5G ordersAt this time, the United States also tried hard to block the circulation of Huawei 5G in the global market and continued to bully Huawei!

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02Huawei HMS services are developing rapidly

In addition to not allowing Huawei 5G equipment to circulate in the United States, the US FCC also requires rural operators to remove Huawei equipment as soon as possible. Rural operators are also forced to pay a greater cost for network construction, and may feel that it does not work for Huawei ’s suppression plan. , Trump is also thinking about continuing to pressure Huawei, bullying behavior makes people feel bad, considering that major mobile phone brands in overseas markets rely on Google GMS services, without Google technical support, Huawei ’s overseas mobile phone business has a downward trend in 2020 It will face greater challenges. Although Huawei HMS service has been established, there is still a gap between the scale and user experience and Google GMS, and the creation of operating system and application ecology is also gradual!

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03Ni Guangnan issued a warning that Qualcomm Apple may lose 500 billion!

After seeing the United States repeatedly and repeatedly suppressing Huawei, Academician Ni Guangnan also issued a warning not to allow Huawei to continue to be bullied, and proposed measures to counter the United States. Academician Ni Guangnan mentioned that China also has a "bottom card" If the United States further restricts Huawei, then China will also initiate countermeasures to restrict US 5G chips and terminals containing no 5G chips from entering the country for the first time.Apple and Qualcomm alone may lose more than US $ 70 billion, which translates into RMB500 billionAt present, most Qualcomm 5G chips are supplied to Xiaomi vivo, OPPO and other companies, and the domestic market accounts for about 20% of Apple's revenue. These two companies are indeed inseparable from the Chinese market!

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04China won't sit back and watch

The author believes that Academician Ni Guangnan is right, most of Qualcomm's chips are supplied to China, and Intel and AMD are no exception. Once China launches a countermeasure, American companies will "fall" overnight! China also has the world's best foundry technology and production lines. Many American companies' electronic products and chips are found in China, and the progress of American science and technology cannot be separated from China! Although the United States has continued to suppress Huawei in the past year, China has responded calmly to the United States. China has always been open and inclusive to accept foreign companies and create a better development environment for technology companies in other countries.If the United States continues to bully Huawei, China will not sit idly by!

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If the United States continues to suppress Huawei, China will also launch its strongest counterattack. At that time, Qualcomm's 5G chip and 5G iPhone12 will be difficult to circulate in the country. What do you say?