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Dual version Samsung Galaxy S9+ dismantling

2018-03-16 14:14:53
  Dismantle the ifixit that everyone knows about the Galaxy S9+. The dismantling method is also the same after the hot air gun softens the viscose of the back cover, and is opened by the suction cup and the curling bar. When opening the cover, pay attention to the wiring line connecting the fingerprint sensor on the upper right side of the back cover.

F1.5 aperture mode (note the main lens)

  The fingerprint sensor sticks to the back of the glass, which is very disappointing. Samsung still connected the fingerprint sensor with a traditional cable, and the adhesive is tight. Pulling out the fingerprint sensor may cause damage.

  The two covers on the inside of the fuselage, fixed by 16 screws, integrate wireless charging coils, antennas and bottom speakers. The battery was 3.85V, 3500mAh, and a total of 13.48Wh, which was consistent with the battery parameters on the Note7 and S8+ that were blown in that year.