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Apple has an education theme conference on March 27th: There may be a new iPad

   Apple WWDC2018 this year will be held on June 4, but earlier Apple is also preparing a meeting with the theme of student education. Currently, Apple has sent an invitation to the media. This conference was held on March 27, the day was held at Chicago High School.
   Apple has always been very concerned about the support of its own products. In education, Apple's conference also often shows education. The slogan for the Apple conference is "Let's take the field field." Apple is hoping that we can build and learn after school through Apple products, and this time the Apple logo. The poster was designed to draw the pressure. The stylus also refers to the "Apple Pencil". There is speculation abroad that the conference may offer educational products for the iPad, but also supports the Apple Pencil, and even launched the Apple Pencil, a cheap accessory.