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Chinese Valentine's Day,Do not say forever, so holding your hand slowly walk until the white hea

  • Author:xiaojin
  • Release on:2017-08-28
The seventh day of July is the traditional festival of China,call Chinese Valentine's Day or Magpie Festival.
Magpie Festival began in the Han Dynasty. According to legend,On this day of the year,the weaver and the Cowboy will meet in the magpie bridge.

             Chinese Valentine's Day,Is the exclusive Chinese romantic holiday
             It is not like the Western Valentine's Day so enthusiastic impulse
                   More is not in the words of affectionate

                    In the Chinese people's knowledge
                    Two people love, will go to the distance
                Look at people to see each other to see the world
                       But with the man married
               Lived a family of two, three meals a day simple life
                   Is the beginning of the long walk

                   Still remember when she was laughing
                     Whole heart is warm whirring
                    That moment is thinking
                 If she wants the stars in the sky
                 Trying to give her the best way to pick her
               After all, the child's facial features are like her
                      How can not love

                  Such love may not be so fierce
                        But how
                   For the couple in terms of rice
                   Happiness is the usual day still
                     Do not say forever
                  So slowly holding hands slowly
                   Until the careless white head

           All staff  in BEST TOOLS wish the world a lover, finally married!