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Buy repair tools, choose BESTOOS,help your solve your problems.

  • Author:xiaojin
  • Release on :2017-09-28
Buy repair tools, choose BESTOOS,help your solve your problems.

The 16-in-1 precision screwdrivers set is a great tool set for collecting or everyday use.
BEST-2408A  Precision Screwdriver Set
Carbon steel + ABS handle 
Surface treatment:
Screwdriver head is polished
Packing include:
Torx:   T4, T5, T6,
Phillips : +1.2
Slotted : -2.0
Pentalobe :   Pentalobe 0.8, Pentalobe  1.2,Pentalobe  1.5

Other accessories :2pcs tweezers, 2pcs plastic grant, 2pcs metal spudgers, big pry pick,   small pry pick.

Anti-slip handle with magnetic tips

Application scope: hard disk sets, toy recreational machines, electronic digital products, electrical home appliance & furnishings, hardware fittings, gifts and horologes, etc.
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