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Beware! This phenomenon on your phone may be a precursor to "explosion"

LS 2022-07-26 17:52:05

Holding the phone every day

Swipe Weibo, WeChat, Douyin


One day passed like this

But the source of danger in life - mobile phone

That's how we hold it in our hands


01 Safety hazard

In fact, cell phone explosions and fires are mostly related to batteries. Manufacturers will increase battery capacity and energy density in order to produce lighter, thinner batteries with longer battery life, which may reduce safety performance.

1. Self-cause: If there is a defect inside the battery, the battery itself may explode without charging or discharging.

2. Long-term overcharge: Lithium batteries may be instantaneously discharged to generate a large amount of current under special temperature, humidity and poor contact conditions or environments, causing spontaneous combustion or explosion;

3. High temperature environment: The battery is not resistant to high temperature. If the mobile phone is placed next to high temperature or flammable objects, it may cause an explosion.

4. Mixed chargers: The battery capacity of different brands of mobile phones is different, and the charging power of different chargers is also different. If a high-power charger is used to charge a small-capacity mobile phone battery, there is a certain safety risk.

02 Premonition of Explosion

Many people know that if it is a thunderstorm, it is best not to charge the mobile phone. In addition, in the case of deep sleep, do not listen to music while charging. Once the mobile phone leaks, it will endanger your personal safety. When these 4 characteristics appear, be sure to pay attention.

Can't charge: The phone can't be charged, either the charger is faulty, or the battery is faulty. If the cause of the charger is ruled out, it is likely that the battery is broken, and it must be repaired in time.

The phone is hot: charging for a long time, making a call, or playing with the phone while charging, etc., will cause the phone to become overheated. Generally speaking, it is a normal phenomenon. Just take a break to cool down. However, if the phone suddenly becomes hot during normal use, the operation should be stopped immediately.

Frequent restarts: Frequent automatic restarts will keep the mobile phone in a fast running state for a long time, which is very easy to cause the mobile phone to overheat. When the heat reaches a certain level, danger may occur at any time.

Abnormal battery: If the surface of the battery bulges, the charging cable suddenly becomes soft, or there is liquid flowing out of the battery, replace the battery as soon as possible to prevent danger.


03 Explosion-proof strategy

After reading it, did you get scared and threw away the phone in your hand?

Don't be afraid, the mobile phone explosion-proof strategy is here!

01 Use qualified accessories

Do not use inferior batteries, the original battery is the most important item to ensure your own safety; and do not mix different mobile phone chargers, the original charger can ensure the safety of the battery, and the compatible charger will damage the battery and cause an explosion.

02 Keep away from high temperature environment

High temperature will cause the battery to heat up and it is very easy to explode. When charging or placing the mobile phone, choose a place away from high temperature and avoid direct sunlight.

03 It is strictly forbidden to modify the mobile phone

Mobile phone manufacturers will strictly verify their safety. After modification, everything will change, which may easily lead to the explosion of the mobile phone.

04 Can't play while charging

Charging the phone while playing will generate more heat than simply charging, and the long-term heat dissipation is not sufficient, which may lead to the aging of the battery and circuit. If you still use non-original batteries, charging cables, and chargers, the risk is even greater.

05 Plan the charging time

Do not charge the phone overnight or for a long time. If you find that the phone is too hot, you should stop operating it as soon as possible. In addition, do not plug the charger into the socket for a long time, it is easy to accelerate aging and cause fire.

06 Avoid phone bumps

Because most mobile phone batteries use aluminum-plastic film soft packs, they are easily deformed after being bumped. If the electronic components in the mobile phone pierce the soft film of the battery, it may break through the protective layer, causing the battery to spontaneously ignite or explode.


[again! remind! ]

Cell phone explosion probability is small

But don't be careless

Be sure to use your phone safely

For more questions about mobile phone repair or repair tools, please pay attention to the following public accounts to solve them one by one!