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"New Youth Business" is patching the future of e-commerce economy

Mandy Extreme website 2021-07-08 11:02:09

After 80, as the first generation of e-commerce economy dividends, it is now being accelerated by younger generations!

After 90, young groups represented after 95 have become the main force and consumption main force of the e-commerce industry.


According to the "2021 New Youth Report" released by the Beijing Normal University News Communication, in the past 12 months, on the past 12 months, on the platform, although the 34% of the 80-year-old business is still the backbone of e-commerce operations. However, after 90, the number of new youth merchants composed after 95, and the number of new youth merchants has exceeded 49%, which became the first major e-commerce business entity.

Moreover, the total growth rate of new youth merchant store transactions has exceeded 167%.

This "report" has a few dimensions such as geographical characteristics, consumption preferences, and new young business owners, summarizes the causes of e-commerce industries, Pu Huihua, and diverse trends.


Southeast coastal dominant North province accelerates catching up

In a national new youth business distribution, geographical characteristics present highly concentrated. On the platform, the number of new youth merchants is the most common TOP 5 in turn is Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Henan, Jiangsu. In the new youth merchant in TOP, the southern province has an absolute advantage.


Although the southern province rely on location advantages, the status of "heavy towns" of e-commerce economy has always been grasped, but this solid pattern seems to be welcoming new adjustments, and the huge bonus of the increasingly booming e-commerce economy is accelerating. "Northern", and the new pattern of extension of the national economy in the southwest, the new pattern of the e-commerce economy is now leathe.

In the row of new young people in the province, the northern and southwest provinces collective, Guizhou, Sichuan, Yunnan, Shanxi, Ningxia, Gansu, Qinghai, Shaanxi and other provinces, autonomous regions entered the forefront. After the registration address is 90s in the "Three District Sanzhou" area, the number of new young business after 00, the number of new youth merchants have been up to 110% in the past 12 months.

The "Report" believes that the rapid development of e-commerce economies needs to include new youth groups in different regions and different economic development levels, forming a new business of Pu Huihua and diversified e-commerce. New Youth E-commerce in the north and southwestern provinces, which showed a significant growth in the number of traditional retail industry, showing the new trend of digital transformation in these areas.

Li Wei, deputy dean, Professor Li Wei, Associate Professor, Department of Journalism, China, is based on the popularity of Internet technology and the maturity of logistics infrastructure, providing more innovation opportunities for young people in the new era.

New Youth has a consumption main army to drive model innovation and diversified new economic activities

According to the data of Boston Consulting, the number of new youth consumption is growing at 11% per year, and the total consumption is expected to account for 69% of total consumption in 2021.

The person in charge of the topic group, the famous dissemination scholars and the Northern Normal University News Communication College Professor Yu Guoming believes that new youth has become an important new force for the new economic education of the Internet. "They are the vitality, creativity and influence of the 'digital gene' of the Internet, forming a new young business model and business."


"Report" shows that new youth merchants are speaking a lot of TOP categories in a multi-platform, sequentially designing original, women's t-shirt, dress, men's T-shirt, mobile phone accessories, fresh fruit, handbags, auto supplies, household items, Men and women pants. It can be seen that the demand for new youth merchants and new youth consumer online shopping behavior is basically matched, concentrated in consumption in consumption in clothing, daily necessities, fruit snacks, trend design, etc.

Taking the field of leisure and snacks as an example, consumer scenarios, fast consumption, accompanying emotional, in recent years, due to branding, young, and close-up trends are widely sought after by new youth.

In the past 12 months, the number of new young stores such as snack foods has been doubled, and the growth rate exceeds 350%. Among them, Shandong, Henan, Guangdong became the top three "Youth Snack E-Commerce". The number of new Youth Fruit Shops has increased by more than 148%. More and more new young people choose to return fruit, sell farmer, become a "fruit youth", "farmer youth", and cherry, apple , Grapefruit or delicious fellow agricultural goods moving out of their hometown, through the cloud directly connected consumers, promoting rural resolution and rural modernization, and helps beautiful rural construction.


In addition, contemporary new youth creativity has also played the extreme on the new platform. The new youth group pays more attention to consumption quality, personalization, customization and emotional experience, preferences tailor-made products, this character has spawned a batch of "post-industrialization" characteristics of the designer online store. In the past 12 months, the number of designer stores has increased by 135%, and Guangdong has become the first large province of new youth designers. IP economy, custom economic, blind box economy, etc. Differentiation, personalized product design and operation strategy, become a new trend of new young designers to explore under new electricity state.

Liu Deireng, Vice President, Professor, Peking University, Professor, said, "Use new technology, new platform innovation entrepreneurship is an important means of new youth struggles in mainstream cities, and the Internet technology promoted by many platforms is in depth, and also brings the grassroots New Youth More Growth Opportunities, Innovative entrepreneurship becomes their upward motivation. "

After 90, "new youth merchants" composed of 00 after 00, and its participated digital genes are infinitely improving the expectation value of the future e-commerce industry!