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iPhone8 will be released in Apple Park Jobs Theater

Xiao Jin 2017-09-14 10:32:35
The Apple autumn conference will be held at the Apple Park Park "Steve Jobs Theater",  Pacific time at 12:00 am
Beijing will be held in the Apple Park Park "Steve Jobs Theater" at Apple's autumn conference at 9:00 am on September 13th .

        (The venue of the conference - Steve Jobs Theater)
The first time to meet with the world, in addition to the new iPhone, there are the venue of the conference - Jobs Theater.  Apple will release the 2017 version of the new iPhone in the Apple Park-the company's new campus Steve Jobs Theater at tUS Eastern time on September 12 at 10 am(Beijing time on September 13 at 1 am) . Apple named Apple Park  as Steve Jobs Theater, that is purposed to commemorate his life and his long-term impact on Apple and the world, and this year happens to be the birth of the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, choose to hold a conference here also expressed the memory of Steve Jobs And respect.

              (Apple Park appearance display)

               (Guess the iPhone X Edition)
On the new generation of iPhone, we all know, a total of 3 models, in addition to two conventional iterative products (conventional upgrade version and Plus version), there will be a very mysterious commemorative version of the iPhone, in fact, the current Full of spy photos of the world, it seems that is not a secret.

            (Three upcoming new machines)

           (iPhone X Edition 10th Anniversary Edition)

          iPhone 8 added wireless charging function.
      (The new machine uses a special-shaped screen design)

Ten years time the iPhone really changed a lot for the world.