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Zero delay, sound quality does not lose airpods 145 yuan Apple cable headset true fragrance

Yh 2021-11-30 13:56:08

It seems that there is a wave of winds in the young people overnight.earphoneEarpods came back again.

There is an article about young people to start using wireless headphones. I don't know if I have seen it. According to Wall Street Daily: For the angle of beauty and practicality, more and more people have more and more people in young people began to wear wired headphones. It seems that the cable headphones earpods have come back again overnight.

Starting from iPod, Apple has become a special cool thing through advertising. From that era, there is a silhouette of the small man in the open-handed advertisement. This is very popular among young people, turning a very new thing for a moment. But after the iPhone7 was released, Apple announced the cancellation of the 3.5mm headset interface, launched a true wireless headset, and once again leadd the new trend again, but now it seems to be back. Why is young people who choose a wired headset that makes me fall into thought. I really want to understand why I am popular in real wireless headphones, and some people began to use the wired headset.

To make it clear, I deliberately take the attached earpods from the iPhone7 box to experience some gains through comparison of true wireless headphones and wired headphones.


We analyze the difference between cable headphones and true wireless headphones from a practical perspective. The largest troubles in the wired headset are the binding of the line, and the line will hang on the clothes, hanging on the bag, hanging on any place that is easy to be hooked. And put it in the pocket, it is easy to get wrap together, become a line, you want to choose it before you want to listen to the song. This is also the biggest advantage of true wireless headphones. Many people say that they can't go after using the true wireless headset.

Is the true wireless headset is a perfect alternative?


True wireless headphones to me is charging and latency, first of all, I have to say that the radio headset has now had a lot of charging methods, such as fast charge, wireless charging, and even some brands can also use mobile phones to reflex with mobile phones. Charging. But as the use time is long, the electricity of the headphones will fall quickly after a year or two, and it will not reach the best power used by the manufacturer, especially in winter, and the power is more exaggerated. These situations make me full of electricity anxiety for true wireless headphones. While I charge my mobile phone, I would also like to charge the headset. This completely does not affect the plug-and-play EarPods, I don't have to consider the problem of charging, as long as the phone has electricity it can be used.

Secondly, it is delayed, and the true wireless headset is limited by the use of Bluetooth transmission mode, which is limited to technical reasons, and the delay is always existing. Although the manufacturer is upgraded to the Bluetooth version, upgrade chip processing power, the update algorithm is minimized to reduce the impact of latency to the listening, but at present, the delay is a very advantageous advantage of the wired headset.



Let's talk about the price. At present, the price of the Apple official website and the Lightning Lightning interface is 149 yuan. However, if your phone is purchased by 2020, you can use Apple to attach your EarPods headphones. . And Huawei, OPPO and Xiaomi and other companies also have wired headphones in the official website store in sales, and the Type-C interface version is only 69 yuan. Although there is now a true wireless headset can do 99 yuan price, but whether it is not guaranteed regardless of whether it is still a delay.

Is it trend or a rebellion

回潮的背后 是什么让年轻人又开始选择EarPods有线耳机

The wired headset reminds me of young people to use it.QQthis matter. This matter is not understandable. After I saw a few analysis articles, I got a conclusion that in addition to functionality, foreign reasons, the most important reason is that parents are usingWeChat. I think there is also a part of the rebellious performance of young people, and pursue different. When everyone is using a wireless headset, young people choose a wired headset.

Finally, discuss it


In fact, we want to be a means of people against consumerism.Since the 2020 Apple cancels randomly attached earphones, domestic manufacturers have also begun to follow up.In order to enjoy music, you need to purchase an earphone separately. Now the true wireless headset starts to update the replacement like a mobile phone, which promotes people's consumption.Cable headphones represented by true wireless headphones are cheaper and more practical.This rollover may not last long, the next generation of AirPods Pro2 may have more people, but what it brings to us.Today, we need to pay for additional experiences for additional experiences today.