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The difference between an ordinary screwdriver and ratchet screwdriver

  • Source:www.szbesttool.com
  • Release on:2015-01-14
   A method for twisting the screw in place to force their tools, there is usually a thin wedge-shaped head, nail head screws can be inserted into a slot or recess within - the scientific name "screwdriver." There are word (minus sign) and Phillips (positive sign) two. There are common hex screwdriver, hex and hex include two kinds.
  Screwdrivers have distinguished tradition screwdriver  and ratchet screwdriver (electric screwdriver) . Traditional screwdriver is a plastic handle can lock screw plus a iron bar, and a ratchet screwdriver is from a plastic handle plus a ratchet mechanism. The latter allows the lock screw clockwise or counterclockwise spin iron bar, by the idling screw lock function to achieve the promotion of efficiency, without the power of successive drive (hand) back to the original position.