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The cost of the iPhone 12 series has skyrocketed without a price increase

DH 2020-09-19 11:47:51

Although the iPhone 12 series has not been released, everyone still looks forward to this series coming soon. Earlier, there was news that the price of the iPhone 12 series would be very conscientious and might drop below 5000, but this is not the case.

A blogger posted that Apple is not a charity, and the cost of the new 5G iPhone has increased a lot, and the price will remain the same as last year. This probability is very low. In other words, due to the addition of 5G, the price increase of the iPhone 12 series is already an inevitable trend.

Previously, Tianfeng International analyst Ming-Chi Guo also pointed out in the report that Apple will put greater bargaining pressure on component manufacturers to reduce the negative impact of high-cost 5G on profits and reduce component specifications to save costs.

advertisingYou will know why Dendrobium is the food that doctors "hate" after reading this! My personal guess is that in order to lower the price and increase iPhone shipments, Apple is likely to launch 4G version iPhone and 5G version iPhone. Among them, 4G version iPhone maintains high cost performance and undertakes the task of volume. Upgrade for consumers with sufficient budget to purchase.

In other words, in order to save costs, Apple will cancel the wired EarPods headsets and chargers of the iPhone 12 series, and friends in need will have to spend money to buy them.