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The 5G market is going to change! Honor 30S is here: Or starting Kirin 820 is fierce

DH 2020-04-07 09:24:50

In 2019, the 5G networks of the three major operators began commercial use, bringing a new wave of dividends to the mobile phone industry. But in the layout of 5G products, glory is not radical, and it is not like some manufacturers disrupt their product rhythm in order to grab the first launch. At the end of 2019, Honor's first 5G flagship V30 series was launched, becoming a benchmark product in the 3000-5000 price range. Among them, the Kirin 990 chip's leading advantage in 5G experience has become its core competitiveness.

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Entering 2020, after the downturn in February, new mobile phone products entered the high-promotion period in March. Honor 5G seems to be a little low-key "too late", but it is actually holding back the "big move".

The latest news shows that the first new model of Honor 2020-Honor 30S, is coming soon.

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Today, the Pollen Forum recruited publishers for the Honor launch event, revealing that Honor ’s first powerful new machine in 2020 is coming.

Pollen asked below the post: "Is it the Honor 30S equipped with Kirin 820?" Accidentally received a reply from Honor President Zhao Ming: "New products will come soon."

The ambiguous attitude that Zhao Ming does not deny but does not point out is also full of reverie.

Looking at the current 5G mobile phone market, although new phones are frequently launched, the prices are generally high, and products that can promote the popularity of 5G mobile phones and have good prices and good experiences are scarce.

The market urgently needs a 5G explosive that can really move the general public.

From the point of time, the Honor 30S is not only the first model of the Honor 30 series, but also the first 5G new machine of Honor 2020. Naturally, it has its special mission and positioning.

Judging from this, Honor 30S will launch the Kirin 820 chip with a high probability.

And its arrival is bound to play a multiplier role in efficiently harvesting the market and accurately attracting users, becoming a big killer for Glory to promote the popularization of 5G mobile phones.

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In recent years, the layout of Kirin chips has been receiving much attention in the industry. Last year, not only the 9 series Kirin 990 became the "leader" of the flagship chip market,

The 8-series Kirin 810 has also become the industry-recognized "generation god U", and it is also a "leapfrog chip", which directly changes the market competition pattern of mobile phone chips, and was awarded the best mobile phone processor of 2019 by the authoritative consulting agency Linley Group

. In the same gear chip camp, the Kirin 810 shows stronger CPU, GPU and AI performance than competing products such as the Snapdragon 730 and MediaTek P30, and brings excellent market performance in Huawei and Honor mobile phones.


The arrival of Kirin 820 will inevitably change the current competitive landscape of the 5G mobile phone market and become the "new generation of God U" in the 5G market in 2020.

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Some bloggers believe that

Honor 30S may also directly impact the competition of the flagship of the merchants, and even the entire 5G mobile phone market.

. The leading technology in chips and other technologies, and the precise segmentation of crowds like Huawei's scalpel, make the Honor 30S a product that may be the biggest variable in the mobile phone industry in the near future. It deserves high attention and vigilance from competitors.

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Earlier this year, Zhao Ming mentioned in his internal letter that Honor 2020 wants the top two smartphones in the Chinese market. Asked, "Where is the bottom line for such fierce and glorious competition?",

Zhao Ming gave three points: 1. Correct strategic choices and judgments, and excellent products. 2. The product is the decisive force to decide the outcome, polish the product well, and do a good job of technological innovation. 3. Improvement of organizational ability.

As the first heavyweight new product of Honor 2020, Honor 30S is the crystallization of Honor's correct strategic choices and judgments. It is also the decisive force to determine victory and defeat. It demonstrates the fierce "ambition" of Honor. It will not only serve as the first glory of Honor 2020, paving the way for the next Honor 30 series, but also push down the popularity of 5G mobile phones, explore the flagship market, standardize the 5G experience, and empower the industry.