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Warmly celebrate the 2rd Season Hundreds of websites war ended successfully!

  • Author:Jacklake
  • Source:www.szbesttool.com
  • Release on:2015-02-11

In February 10th, The 2rd Season Hundreds of websites war in last two months ended successfully in Lantin Hotel. After our unremitting efforts, our team obtain the second place finally, as the perfect full stop of this extraordinary game.

Let’s review the exciting scene in the Summary Conference:

Many thanks to our Team that you make it!

Many thanks to the customers that you help us make it!!

Many thanks to the Foresee.net that you tell us how to make it!!!

Thanks to all who helped us and support us!!!!

Finally, today is the traditional Chinese Minor Spring Festival. As the Spring Festival will soon come, here I represent all the members of SHENZHEN JINLIYANG TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. to give everyone a happy near year early, wish all the people in the new year have a successful career, also hope you still support us in the new year. Thank you!