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Stripping pliers

xiaojin 2017-11-27 10:09:30

Stripping pliers
The stripper is one of the tools used by the electrician, motor repair and instrument electrician to remove the surface insulation of the head of the wire.The stripping pliers can separate the insulated skin from the wire and prevent the electric shock.

peelable0.9-5.5mm2or10-18AWG Wire

User manual
This model is not insulated tools. Please use it when power off.
To protect user safe, please use protective glasses.
As the cut material will fly out, make sure no one beside you and no easy damaged things beside you,
then begin working.
This product is not a dedicated pressure equipment.
When stored, please assure the blade at the closed state and can not be touched by children.
Do not let the plier tip rub something.
Please do not directly touch the blade part with hand.
Do not use in cutting hard materials and steel wire, etc.
Do not use the pliers above its cutting capability and coarse wire.

BST-1042 peelable0.2-1.25mm2or16-26AWG Wire

BST-1043 peelable0.25-0.65mm2or22-30AWG Wire

BST-5021 peelable0.6-2.6mm2or10-22AWG Wire

BST-5022 peelable0.5-1.6mm2or14-24AWG Wire

BST-5023 peelable0.25-0.8mm2or20-30AWG Wire