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Straight screen high brush +65W super flash charge How fragrant is OnePlus 8T?

YH 2020-10-23 11:45:05

售价仅3399 两大亮点加持的一加 8T有多香?(待审)

OnePlus 8TGet started, smooth experience lives up to the name of 120Hz

Full screen era,Cell phoneThe screen has a more direct impact on user interaction. However, with the continuous improvement of game and video frame rates, mobile phone screens have become less and less able to keep up with the times, and a sense of fragmentation in user experience has spontaneously emerged. Based on this, it is absolutely unacceptable for OnePlus to concentrate on making good machines for users. Therefore, as early as many years ago, OnePlus has been leading the development of the high-brush industry.

OnePlus 7 Pro used to be the first model to be equipped with a 90Hz high-brush screen. The high-brush experience "difficult to use once" not only allows users to feel the uniqueness of high-end mobile phones, but also directly "ignites" the entire industry and leads the industry to accelerate The era of high frame rate is advancing. Nowadays, the 120Hz refresh rate screen brought by OnePlus 8T can be said to be one of the fluid AMOLED screens with the highest specifications in the industry. It not only supports a high refresh rate of 120Hz, but also has a touch sampling rate of up to 240Hz. The experience is second to none.

In order to better reflect the unusual side of the 120Hz screen, I specially used OnePlus 8T to make a simple comparison with the model equipped with a 60Hz screen:

高刷快充两大亮点领衔 一加 8T到底有多香?(待审)
Browse Weibo content at the same time (Left is OnePlus 8T)

高刷快充两大亮点领衔 一加 8T到底有多香?(待审)
At the same time browse the content of station B (left is OnePlus 8T)

It is not difficult to see that with the same frequency of finger touches, the OnePlus 8T equipped with a 120Hz screen can scroll up and down more information, has a faster response speed, and has a fluency far exceeding that of an ordinary 60Hz screen. For the convenience of observation, I doubled the content of the animation. At this time, you can clearly see the difference between the two. OnePlus 8T has a lot of fluency than the comparison model.

高刷快充两大亮点领衔 一加 8T到底有多香?(待审)
Browsing Weibo content at the same time (speed doubled)

In short, the high refresh rate of 120Hz will make us feel a smoother picture transition when browsing Weibo, Moments, and novels. Judging from the actual experience animation above, it is a very big upgrade when compared to the 60Hz screen. It can be said that the release of OnePlus 8T once again injects new vitality into the ecological construction of OnePlus, and provides users with a complete high-frame experience in core application scenarios such as screen operation, drama tracking, and mobile games.

OnePlus's strongest straight screen flagship, circle fans more game parties

In high-end flagships, straight screen designs are very rare. Manufacturers prefer to use curved screens with a stronger sense of technology on their flagship products. However, for some users who desire straight screen flagships, there is no good choice. Under this circumstance, the emergence of OnePlus 8T undoubtedly fills the gaps in the purchase of some users, which shows that sometimes it is necessary to be a party.

Returning to the direct screen design itself, for the author's personal experience, the biggest benefit of the direct screen is reflected in the game. The straight screen helps reduce false touches on the edge, and the field of view is wider, which is very friendly to gamers.

高刷快充两大亮点领衔 一加 8T到底有多香?(待审)

Moreover, the 120Hz high refresh rate and 240Hz touch sampling also bring improvements in the perception and operation of the player community. The higher the value also means that we have multiple short-time taps in the game, and the touch response speed will be faster. more accurate. For competitive games, the improvement is huge, the game skills are more smooth and natural in the process of connection, and the movements are responsive in one go, helping players to win the enemy first and win the opportunity.

高刷快充两大亮点领衔 一加 8T到底有多香?(待审)

This is why OnePlus will become the first choice for professional players and anchors of major mobile game live broadcast platforms after launching high refresh rate screen phones. It is believed that after the launch of OnePlus 8T with a 120Hz direct screen, it will also attract more mobile game players.

JNCD average value 0.3 Supports HDR10+

In addition to outstanding fluency and hand-to-hand, the display effect of OnePlus 8T is also outstanding. OnePlus 8T has a good set of screen adjustments. The screen is made of flexible materials that are usually used in high-end flagships. The cost is higher and the upper limit of parameters is also higher. Under 1080P resolution, the definition has reached the ultra-clear level. The average value of JNCD is approximately equal to 0.3, which brings a realistic color effect, with vivid layers and high saturation.

高刷快充两大亮点领衔 一加 8T到底有多香?(待审)

Moreover, because it supports HDR10+, HDR video content is more realistic in the perception. Here I found a video material that supports HDR display from station B, and made a simple display comparison between OnePlus 8T and Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra:

高刷快充两大亮点领衔 一加 8T到底有多香?(待审)
HDR display (picture source station B)

Through actual comparison, it is found that OnePlus 8T has higher screen brightness, clearer colors and higher saturation, and the actual experience effect is not lost to that of Samsung's flagship flagship worth over 10,000. In other words, if you are used toIQIYI, Bilibili, Tencent Video and other apps browse HDR quality content, and like to watch movies and chase dramas in high quality. The excellent video experience of OnePlus 8T is obviously more cost-effective.

高刷快充两大亮点领衔 一加 8T到底有多香?(待审)

In other respects, the automatic brightness adjustment of the OnePlus 8T screen has also risen to 8192. In fact, the 4096-level brightness adjustment is quite good in experience, but in contrast, the former is undoubtedly more natural and softer in brightness transition, especially In the transition from a bright light environment to a dark light environment, the screen brightness of OnePlus 8T is not very glaring.

高刷快充两大亮点领衔 一加 8T到底有多香?(待审)

To give an impressive example, walking from a bright and dignified subway station to the outdoors at night, the momentary dimming light will make the eyes more sensitive to the brightness of the screen, but OnePlus 8T did not give me this feeling, the appropriate brightness The adjustment makes the eyes much more comfortable when watching the screen.

65W flash charge blessing, high frame rate playing machine keeps "powering"

Although OnePlus 8T has a 120Hz high-speed screen, many users have concerns about it. After all, 5G+120Hz high-speed flashing is also a huge challenge to mobile phone battery life.

OnePlus 8T has a built-in 4500mAh battery, and a larger battery also brings better battery life. Taking my own experience as an example, as a heavy mobile phone user, I have to watch station B video for one or two hours every day, and play more than two hours of games. The rest of the time I also use various Douyin, Weibo,WeChat, Nailing, taking pictures...After a whole day of use, there is still about 20% of the power of OnePlus 8T. If you go out with a full battery, OnePlus 8T can be used for a day before charging.

In addition, OnePlus 8T's innovation in fast charging also brings an improvement in experience for heavy mobile phone users. In most cases, few people wait until the phone is really out of power before charging, and everyone prefers to charge it from time to time. . After OnePlus 8T is equipped with a higher power fast charge, the "recovery" speed is faster, giving me more time to enjoy the high frame experience.

直屏高刷+65W超级闪充 一加 8T到底有多香?
OnePlus 8T charging (the screen is not accelerated)

So how fast is the charging speed of OnePlus 8T? For this reason, in the previous comprehensive evaluation, we also did a 30-minute charging test on OnePlus 8T. With the support of 65W super flash charging, it can fill about half of the battery in about 20 minutes, and it takes only 39 minutes to fully charge the entire phone. Only with such a strong fast charging capability can the mobile phone take full advantage of the 120Hz high screen refresh, and at the same time avoid the worries about battery life, it is simply the gospel of "power anxiety patients".

高刷快充两大亮点领衔 一加 8T到底有多香?(待审)
OnePlus 8T 30 minutes charging test

In addition, the OnePlus 8T charging head provides dual C ports and supports 45W PD fast charging protocol support. This charging head can charge Switch, notebooks, and tablets. One charging head can be used to charge all devices. People who frequently travel or travel, only need to bring one charging head, which is very convenient.

OnePlus 8T is one of OnePlus’s flagship products with the fastest charging so far. The first addition of 65W Super Flash Charger shows that OnePlus is paying attention to this new flagship. And I have to praise, OnePlus is really proficient in product design. With such a large battery and high-power fast charging, the thickness is only 8.4mm and the weight is only 188 grams. OnePlus 8T is really thin and light. The advantages of flash charging and long battery life are combined to improve the user experience again.

Finally, there is something to say:

OnePlus 8The release of T has added another Titan to the OnePlus 8 family. On OnePlus 8T, whether it is the thin and light body design, the powerful performance, or the smooth flash charge and high brush experience, all of them reflect OnePlus’ deep insight into user needs, and as consumers, we are the same. I saw the side of OnePlus that is "not going to be done". In short, the OnePlus 8T is currently the best high-resolution direct-screen flagship machine. If everyone is always looking forward to the high-resolution direct screen like the author, then the OnePlus 8T will obviously be the best choice.