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Sony acknowledges that the response in the smart phone business is not flexible enough and will work

  Sony recently announced its mid-term corporate strategy, planning for all business areas of the Group for the next three years. Although the forecast for Sony's mobile business has not changed, it is interesting that Sony has realized why the mobile business has always been slow in the past few years.
One of the demonstration films focused on the following: Sony did not improve its product line fast enough, especially in design and R&D. Another demo film also pointed out that the Sony mobile phone will integrate Sony's advantages in design, camera, lens, sensor, battery, audio, display, wireless transmission, and electromechanical integration, making the Sony mobile phone "One Sony." A master of integration of long-term strategies for internal resources. Sony reiterated that it will increase investment in 5G technology in the future, make full use of the combination with other Sony products to enhance the competitiveness of mobile products, further develop the cooperative relationship of operators, and regard Europe as a key area for expanding its
Hope that Sony will be able to provide more competitive smartphone products through this self-awakening in the near future