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5nm process + 5G Apple A14 processor total output will be more than 50% higher than A13

DH 2020-02-19 17:21:54

According to the supply chain, Apple ’s total A14 processor output this year will be at least 50% higher than A13. It has been reported that Apple will release at least five models this year, of which four will be equipped with A14 processors. Apple has introduced the most new phones in a year.

It is reported that the Apple A14 processor will use the latest 5nm process technology and support 5G networks. In addition, it has also developed inFO antenna packaging technology, which can reduce the loss of the connection or interconnection between the chip and the antenna. This technology alone Can improve 15% performance while reducing thermal resistance by 15%. And the external Qualcomm 5G baseband can support the three networks of SA and NSA networks. This configuration method can ensure that the iPhone 12 will not be easily eliminated within two to three years. After all, this is already the 5G era, and it is true that it will not be upgraded again Some cannot be justified.

In other respects, in the 2020 new 5G iPhone, the 5.4-inch and 6.1-inch versions offer dual rear cameras, while the other 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch versions have three rear cameras and are equipped with a ToF lens (that is, the composition Back four shots). However, due to the recent epidemic, the iPhone 12 scheduled for mass production in June may be delayed. In recent years, Apple will usually release new phones in September every year. As for whether Apple will delay the release of the iPhone 12 this year, it is still Need to wait for Apple's official announcement.