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Latest Design Multi-funcational 3 in 1 LED light Soldering Smoke Absorber Soldering Iron Station

Brand:  BEST       Model:  BST-938   Weight:4.15KG
Product Name: Intelligent temperature soldering station smoking machine
Accessories:   BST-938 \ Iron soldering \ Iron frame soldering \ Cleaning cotton \ Power cable
Input voltage: 220v/ 50 hz     Output voltage: 24V Power consumption:90 W
Temperature control range:   200 ~ 480℃ Setup method: Key to adjust   Temperature stability:  ±1 degree (static)
School temperature mode:  Simulation of the calibration    Maximum ambient temperature:   40℃
Display mode:   LCD digital Ground impedance: < 2 Voltage to the ground: < 5 mv
1. With LED light and smoke absorber, can protect worker from smoke and make work eaiser.
2. Equipped with pure copper transformer, durable and fast heat dissipation.
3. Closed circuit sensor, microcomputer control temperature, LED screen display making it adjust temperature precisely.
4. Digital display, clear and direct, easy to handle.
5. Imported high temperature resistant materials and advanced technology make it good quality and durable.
6. Using of low voltage AC power supply makes it static eletricity, no leakage, no interference.
7. Temperature range of 200℃-480℃ and stable temperature control make it heat rapidly and precisely.
8. The power supply of heater is completely isolated from power grid.
9. Part of the liron is connected to the temperature control station through the air connection and the high temperature anti-static
silicon rubber (silica gel) cable.
10. Split design, easy  store.