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July 2017 foreign trade department awards ceremony

  • Author:Xiao Jin
  • Source:www.szbesttool.com
  • Release on:2017-08-02
Military order
The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a man's determination
Staff who completed the target in July

Kelvin Ma  , manager of the Ministry of Foreign Trade, take the initiative to discuss with the sales staff to discuss sales skills and analysis, the amount of accumulation will always qualitative leap, hard work, always harvest the joy of fruit! In July, he proved himself with action. Special praise, and reward RMB 1000!
Ministry of Foreign Trade design Zhang Hu Yi: Since her entry, work hard, practical hard work. She persevere, go all out, with the business department to do every job in July not only excellent completion of the goal, it is the quality and quantity of the product is responsible for their own processing. This kind of positive work spirit, practical work attitude, but also worthy of our hot people to learn. Special praise, and reward RMB 500!
Ministry of Foreign Trade designt Liu Chunli: As a new employee, she is active in the work, since the entry since the practical work hard, proactive, with colleagues to do every job to meet the various needs of customers. Special praise, and reward RMB 500!

Xiao Jin in this congratulations in July to complete the personal goals of the staff of the award-winning staff, hope in August work more diligent, hard work, to achieve more brilliant results! In July, we worked with us as an example, solidarity and cooperation, and made great efforts to make progress for the company's firm and healthy development. At the same time, we hope that the above award People in the future work more diligent, hard work, to achieve more brilliant results!   
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August 2, 2017