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IPhone 12 does not have a charging head, how can I buy it by myself?

YH 2020-10-23 11:33:20

The iPhone 12 was released, and as expected, it has become a controversial product.

iPhone 12不配充电头 自己掏腰包怎么买才划算?(待审)

Especially the operation without charging head has obviously caused dissatisfaction among many users. But dissatisfaction goes to dissatisfaction,Cell phoneIt still needs to be recharged, and the charging head is indispensable. Consumers have no choice but to pay for it.

In addition, the bad news is not only this one, but alsoiPhone11The series will also cancel the charging head.

iPhone 12不配充电头 自己掏腰包怎么买才划算?(待审)

In addition, it should be noted that the current four mobile phones of the iPhone 12 series all support 20W wired charging or power adapters with higher power. However, the charging head market is mixed, and various products are emerging in an endless stream. easy.

Apple original charging head is very expensive but the most reliable

For consumers who are not bad for money, if the budget is sufficient, the original Apple charging head is naturally preferred. After all, you get what you pay for. Apple accessories have always been very cautious in workmanship and materials, and the safety is not to be said. You don't need to spend too much thought when buying, and you will not fall into the hole with your eyes closed.

Of course, if you have to talk about a slot, it is that Apple's original charging head is really not very close to the people. The latest iPhone12 series charging head has been replaced with a USB-C interface. At present, the 18WUSB-C charging head of Apple Jingdong flagship store is priced at 243 yuan, emmm... I will buy a charging head. Is the price a bit more expensive?

iPhone 12不配充电头 自己掏腰包怎么买才划算?(待审)
Apple's official website 20WUSB-C charging head is priced at 149 yuan

Look for third-party MFi certified brands, the best choice to save money

The reason why many people do not buy third-party Apple charging products is not because they are expensive. Compared with the mobile phone itself, everyone does not have a deep understanding of the charging head. In addition to the complex market environment, more and more users are willing to spend more money to buy a peace of mind, and are not willing to take risks to buy brands they are not familiar with.

In fact, because Apple MFI certification (click to query)The existence of the third party has been screened to ensure that we have the ability to buy reliable non-original charging equipment. The so-called MFI certification refers to the iPod,iPhoneSpecially designed electronic accessories for iPad and iPad. And these accessories have been authorized by Apple to meet the performance standards of Apple products.

When selecting such products, you can focus on the product packaging box and the accessories themselves. The certified third-party accessories are printed with the MFi mark on the packaging:

iPhone 12不配充电头 自己掏腰包怎么买才划算?(待审)

Some accessories may be printed with the MFi logo of the earlier version:

iPhone 12不配充电头 自己掏腰包怎么买才划算?(待审)

There are very detailed instructions on how to identify counterfeit or uncertified lightning connector accessories. You can refer to the official website for specific details.

Generally speaking, charging equipment certified by MFi will be compatible withiOS systemThere is no pop-up prompt for the synchronization upgrade. It is not an MFi certified product, which is not compatible with the iOS system and is prone to pop-up windows. Of course, MFi certification comes more from the data line, they have built-in Apple's original encryption chip, and there will be no version incompatibility; in addition, Apple's strict assessment of manufacturer qualifications can also ensure that the product has excellent quality.

This also provides an idea for consumers to purchase MFi-certified charging devices. Users can purchase power adapters of the same brand, and quality and safety will also be guaranteed, such as Anker, UGREEN, and Zimi.

In short, compared to the original factory charging head, these third-party MFi certified brands have no major problems in safety and reliability, and the price is cheaper. Professionalism is also not to be underestimated, such as Anker, not only the price is lower, the newly upgraded AnkerNano PD20W Apple fast charging head is only 79 yuan, and the charging head is also very small, the conversion rate is higher, the workmanship is not bad, and the built-in Apple's chip of the same factory can be upgraded with the iOS system, which can be said to be a typical representative when users choose a third-party charging head.

iPhone 12不配充电头 自己掏腰包怎么买才划算?(待审)

Third-party 3C certified charging head, quality is trustworthy

Compared with third-party MFi certified products, there are also a large number of third-party 3C certified charging equipment brands, and we also need to carefully screen them. Of course, after all, they are all regular products that have passed the 3C certification. Although some products lack the halo blessing of MFi certification, it does not prevent them from becoming the choice of fruit fans.

The so-called 3C certification refers to the English abbreviation of "China Compulsory Product Certification System", which is the unified mark used by the country for compulsory product certification. CCC-certified power adapters meet the requirements of national mandatory standards in terms of electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility. This is a point that consumers need to focus on when choosing third-party Apple adapters.

iPhone 12不配充电头 自己掏腰包怎么买才划算?(待审)
Baseus 18WPD charging head meets national 3C certification

There are a large number of Apple charging heads with 3C certification logos. Representative brands include Baseus and Pisen. Many third-party MFi certified brands also have 3C certification. In short, some mobile phone manufacturers randomly provide charging heads and well-known accessory brands. Most of the products comply with the national 3C certification and can be safely used by iPhone.

With the increase of brand influence, quality defects and safety hazards are rarely seen in the accessories of large manufacturers. As long as you avoid the 9.9 free shipping or the three-no products produced by small workshops, users will basically not step on the pit, so I still recommend here. Everyone try to choose the official website of the brand or official channels such as Pinduoduo, Taobao, and JD to purchase compliant products.

Lastly, since you choose to buy third-party accessories, you can see that everyone is more concerned about the price. Apple's third-party accessories are indeed much cheaper than the original original products. At the same time, the same product is also available on different e-commerce platforms. Different prices are reflected, so it is recommended that you can compare prices on major e-commerce platforms before starting.

iPhone 12不配充电头 自己掏腰包怎么买才划算?(待审)
Anke Nano PD 20W charging head price (from left to right: Pinduoduo, Tmall, JD)

Let’s take the price of AnkeNano PD20W charging heads on different platforms as an example. Currently, the price is 79 yuan on Tmall and JD.com, while the lowest price for Pinduoduo is only 69.9 yuan. It is not difficult to find that there is still a slight gap between different platforms for the same product. As expected, Pinduoduo offered the lowest price.

After the official release of the iPhone12 series, users can enjoy real price discounts when purchasing various Apple accessories on the Pinduoduo platform. With the incentive of tens of billions of subsidies, users can also easily purchase safe and reliable authentic products, many of which are like Anker, Well-known accessory brands such as PISEN, REMAX and Baseus.

Therefore, friends who are more price-sensitive, when buying electronic products, may wish to compare prices through Pinduoduo, and be aware of it, which will help to buy products that meet everyone's expectations as soon as possible.