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How to use the Anti-static tweezers?

jacklake www.szbesttool.com 2014-12-21 17:46:58
Anti-static tweezers (ESD TWEEZERS) has many features like good elasticity, light and easy to use, static electricity discharge. It is durable, no precipitation dust, acid and so on. It is the common anti-static tool frequently used in the mobile phone repair station or electrical laboratory. But many people do not know how to use this tweezers in daily life, or which items should be noted. 

Now let me tell you these precautions.

1. After entering the laboratory, you should wear the gloves at the first, then take the ESD tweezers to avoid contamination.
2. Only use clean ESD tweezers to grip the chips. Once the tweezers drop off the ground or touch by hand, or for other reasons who were contaminated, you must wash them carefully before re-use.
3. After use, you should be put the ESD tweezers in the place provisions to store, can not arbitrarily placed. For special process tweezers, self storage after use, and not in the studio with the tweezers lab mix.
4. ESD tweezers holders should be adopted "hold a pen-style" position rely on to take the chips.
5. When you rely on to take the chip, the order should rely on from back to front. When putting the chip back, the order should be from front to back, be sure not to scratch the surface of the chip.
6. When you rely on to take the chip, the "short side" (saw-like head) placed in front of the chip, the "long side" (flat head) on the back of the chip. Rely on a blank part of the chip to make sure the chip can not be hurt.
7. ESD tweezers has high corrosion resistance, but is forbidden to contact ESD tweezers in acid tank or DI Water tank.
8. ESD tweezers can only be used as a chip gripper. Do not allow to do other purposes.

BEST high quality steel and advanced anti-static tweezers, using acid-steel materials, corrosion resistance, strength coefficient, good elasticity, the tweezers handle coated with anti-static material, magnetic design, gripping tiny electronic components more secure. It is Lab chip-level maintenance tools and can meet the requirements as experimental research, aerospace, professional maintenance, daily use and so on. It is your best choice.