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Hot air gun series

  • Author:xiaojin
  • Release on :2017-11-28

Hot air gun series
The hot air gun is mainly used to weld and remove the components of the element using the hot wind from the gun core of the heating resistance wire.According to the working principle of the hot air gun, the main part of the control circuit of the hot air gun should include temperature signal amplifying circuit, comparison circuit, thyristor control circuit, sensor, risk control circuit, etc.In addition, in order to improve the overall performance of the circuit, some auxiliary circuits, such as temperature display circuit, shutdown delay circuit and zero detection circuit, should be set up.The temperature display circuit is set to facilitate temperature adjustment.Temperature displays the temperature of the circuit as the actual temperature of the circuit. The workers can adjust the temperature manually according to the temperature displayed on the display screen during operation.

BST-858D Digital Lead-Free hot air gun SMD Rework Station

 Rated voltage:  AC 220V±10%  50Hz
 Total Power:  650W±10%(Max)
 Work Environment:  0~40℃  Relative humidity<80%
 Storage Temperature:  -20~80℃  Relative humidity<80%
 Hot air gun parts  
 Operating Voltage:  AC 220V±10%  50Hz
 Output Power:  650W±10%
 Temperature Range:  100℃~480℃ 
 Gas type:  Brushless fan / soft wind
 Gas flow:  120L/min(Max)
Temperature stability:  ±2℃ (Static state)
 Setting mode:  Knob
Display:   LED digital display
 Temperature lock mode:  Digital
 Noise:  Less than 45dB
 Nozzle specifications:  Diameters 5mm 8mm 10mm
 Heating wire:  High-power heating wire
 Packing specifications  
 Body weight:  1.75KG
 The box size:  26*16.5*14.8CM
 Packing size:  53.5*34*47.5CM
 The number of packing:  12 units
 A carton weight:  22KG
 Fitting:  Nozzle 3 loading boxes, moving a hand fork, puller, a manual one

BST-858D+ Soldering Desoldering Station Hot Air Gun SMD Rework Station

BST-858+ Soldering Desoldering Station Hot Air Gun SMD Rework Station

BST-858A Soldering Desoldering Station Hot Air Gun SMD Rework Station

BST-850 Anti-static constant temperature hot air gun

BST-852 Soldering Desoldering Station Hot Air Gun SMD Rework Station


 Model  Model Rated Voltage Total Power Air Flow   Temp.Control  Dimensions  Package size G.W.  PCS 
 BST-858D  AC 110V/200V/50/60Hz  650W  120L/min(Max)  100℃ ~480℃  26x16.5x15cm  53.5x34x47.5cm  22.2kg  12
 BST-858D+  AC 110V/200V/50/60Hz  650W  120L/min(Max)  100℃ ~480℃  26x16.5x15cm  53.5x34x47.5cm  22kg  12
 BST-858A  AC 110V/200V/50/60Hz 650W 120L/min(Max)   100℃ ~450℃  26x16.5x15cm  53.5x34x47.5cm  21.5kg  12
 BST-858+  AC 110V/200V/50/60Hz 650W  120L/min(Max)  100℃ ~450℃  26x16.5x15cm  53.5x34x47.5cm  21.5kg  12
 BST-959D  AC 110V/200V/50/60Hz  700W  120L/min(Max)  100℃ ~450℃  26x16.5x15cm  54x35x48cm  23.8kg  12
 BST-850  AC 110V/200V/50/60Hz  500W  24L/min(Max)  100℃ ~480℃  33x27.5x20 cm  85x35x41cm  31kg  6
 BST-852  AC 110V/200V/50/60Hz  450W  28L/min(Max)  100℃ ~480℃  33x27.5x20 cm  58x35x63.5cm  22.6kg  6