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Global Chip Maker Rank: Intel is still no. 1. Hayes dropped out of the top 10

YH 2020-12-01 12:10:36
We often see a number of data research institutions released by the global mobile phone sales rankings, today brings you to market research firm IC Insights released recently, you can see the global semiconductor manufacturers sales rankings, another dimension to understand the current global technology industry. According to the list, Intel is still the world's biggest chipmaker, with Huawei Haisi dropping out of the top 10.

全球半导体厂商销量排名:英特尔仍是老大 华为海思跌出前十

Global semiconductor manufacturers sales ranking

Market research firm IC Insights released a brief report, predicting that Intel, Samsung and TSMC will be among the top 15 semiconductor suppliers by 2020. Among the world's TOP15 semiconductor suppliers in 2020, eight are headquartered in the United States, two each in South Korea, Taiwan and Europe, and one in Japan.

It's worth noting that Huawei Haisi is expected to drop out of the top 10, which means there won't be a Single Chinese company in the top 10. Hayes was no. 10, but now mediatek has taken its place. Mediatek, on the other hand, is reported to be selling 5G chips, with its revenue surging 35% year on year, all the way up from 16th to 11th, close to occupying hayes' former position.

Despite all the changes in the global ranking of semiconductor chip companies, the semiconductor industry is one of the few industries that has not been affected by the epidemic. Instead, it has bucked the trend. IC Insights predicts that the sales of the top 15 semiconductor companies in 2020 will grow 13 percent from 2019, slightly more than double the global semiconductor industry's total projected growth of 6 percent.