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  • Author:YOYO
  • Release on:2017-10-13
GLOBAL SOURCES ELECTRONICS EXHIBITION is held in Asia World-Expo  in October 10-14,SHENZHEN JINLIYANG TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.20 Over the years has been walking in the forefront of China's tool industry,Professional R & D production, wholesale sales "BEST" brand of a series of precision maintenance tools【ScrewdriversDisassemble Tool KitsTweezersPliersMultimeters、
DC Power SupplyBEST SMD Rework StationsSoldering StationsSoldering IronsLCD Touch Screen SeparatorsWelding Auxiliary MaterialsMagnifying LampsUltrasonic CleanersGeneral toolsAll products】,Assembled at home and abroad high-quality maintenance industry suppliers.

At the show, Jinliyang sales and technical staff presented and introduced the products to the participating exhibitors:BEST 63pcs Magnetic Electronic Repair Tools、BEST-102C Temperature 、BST-116 43 in 1 Hand Open Pry Tools、Adjustable Welding Soldering Iron with Switch、700w PCB desoldering with hot air、BEST Precision Screwdriver Set for iPhone 8 Repair Tools,BEST product screwdriver, precision, complete, long life At the show has been well received by the visitors.