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Bluetooth has been used for so long, why have not been replaced?

Yh 2021-06-28 11:34:06

One refers to Bluetooth technology, I believe that most people's first reactions are Bluetooth headset. It is true that the Bluetooth headset can be described as a function of the first time, the Bluetooth headset can be described as a function, by using the Bluetooth technology application on the moving headset, so that the user has experienced the trouble without the wire.


In the past few years, with the rapid development of smartphones, wearable equipment, the Internet of Things, plus the popularity of TWS Bluetooth headset in the past two years, and also enters the development of the Bluetooth industryexpress trainRoad, on April 15th, the Bluetooth Technology Alliance released the latest information on the Bluetooth market in the Bluetooth market ", the report predicts that although the growth rate of the Bluetooth market has slowed down in the past year, it is expected to be shipped in the 2015 year. The amount will grow from 4 billion units in 2020 to 6 billion units.

It is interesting, Bluetooth (Bluetooth) is taken from the name of the Danish King Harrd Bluetooth. To associate Bluetooth with later wireless communication technology standards, it is an engineer Jim Kardach from Intel. At a wireless communication industry meeting, he proposed to use Bluetooth as the name of the wireless communication technology standard. Ericsson Company has formed a predecessor of the Bluetooth Technology Alliance in 1998, IBM, Intel, Nokia and Toshiba.

But people at that time would not think that this blue logo application has far exceeds the use scenario they expected. Receive audio from the wireless headset, connect the handle to the game host, and then go to smart furniture, wearable equipment, and even Apple's "empty delivery" function is inseparable from Bluetooth technology. There is no doubt that Bluetooth is currently the most mainstream. The most convenient mainstream technology.


But early Bluetooth technology is really hard. Not only does the transmission rate is not high, but there is a security issue. Enter 4.0 era, Bluetooth transmission technology has greatly improved, and the first Bluetooth integrated protocol specification and integrates three specifications. The most important changes are BLE low-power function, which proposes low-power blue tooth, traditional Bluetooth and high-speed Bluetooth.

After entering the 5.0 era, Bluetooth technology completely opened the door of the Internet of Things, with faster transmission capacity in low power mode, the transmission rate is twice the Bluetooth 4.2 (speed limit of 2Mbps), effective transmission distance It is four times that of Bluetooth 4.2 (theoretical 300 meters), and the data package capacity is eight times that of Bluetooth 4.2. Supports indoor location navigation function, combined with WiFi, indoor positioning of less than 1 meter. At the same time, the foundation optimization is performed on the IoT Internet of Things, and strive to serve smart home with lower power consumption and higher performance.

That maybe some people may ask, Bluetooth technology is born for so long, and now wireless technology is so fast, how is it still using Bluetooth?

In fact, Bluetooth does have two opponents that cannot be ignored, that is, Wi-Fi and NFC.

First, look at NFC (near field communication technology), its characteristics are easier in connection, as long as it supports NFC's device, you can connect, especially suitable for short-distance implementation point-to-point connections, while power consumption is lower . However, its shortcomings are also in the distance, and the contact of 4 cm is required to achieve transmission, which is a bit stretcher than the effective transmission distance of Bluetooth 5.0 300 meters. At present, NFC is usually playing a "bridge" role. Android devices often use NFC as a Bluetooth verification, allowing users to avoid pairing, directly through contact. Bluetooth connection.


Obviously, NFC cannot replace Bluetooth due to its own distance, but complementary, so it is actually not much threatening to Bluetooth.

Take a look at Wi-Fi, compared to NFC, Wi-Fi does not have distance limitations, many aspects are also very similar to Bluetooth, so more threatening. Wi-Fi direct connection has been applied by many devices, such as Sony QX series wireless lenses, Sonos speakers, etc. involving print, games, video, music, and display, etc.. In addition, the speed of 250 Mbps can be achieved by the 24Mbps transfer rate of Bluetooth, and the data transfer speed of 2GB per second is expected to achieve the advantage of Bluetooth, which is the advantage of 2GB per second.


What is the Wi-Fi not replacing Bluetooth technology?

The answer is simple. An important issue in Wi-Fi is that the power consumption is too high, and it is not suitable for equipment that needs to be worn, fitness, etc.However, for home sectors, such as wireless speakers, video synchronous transmission, Wi-Fi clearly be more advantageous.A device like smart bracelets is the most secure solution using Bluetooth.

Obviously, after 20 years of development, Bluetooth technology has already had a lot of congestion, and the technical aspects are constantly progressing.The manufacturers are still optimistic about Bluetooth technology, the low cost, high performance, simple and universality of Bluetooth is a part of the manufacturer.

At the same time, Bluetooth also has a region worthy of attention, which is the equipment network, which is mainly based on Mesh network technology, which can be widely used in many intelligent lighting, intelligent buildings and other industrial scenarios. It is reported that the Bluetooth Technology Alliance also plansIn the near future, the Mesh operation enhancement is launched so that Mesh is better applied to multiple fields.

Are you in front of you, are you ready to change your life by Bluetooth?