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Apple new product exposure

2018-09-04 17:47:55
iPhone XC: 6.1 吋 LCD screen, A12 processor, 3GB RAM, may support 3D Touch, front face ID, the main camera is a single camera, expected to have red, blue, gray, orange and white, 64GB/256GB two versions, double sided glass , middle frame aluminum alloy;

iPhone XS: divided into 5.8 吋 and 6.5 吋 two versions, all OLED material, A12 processor, 4GB RAM, 64GB/256GB/512GB three memory versions, rear dual camera, front Face ID, gray silver gold three Color, double glazing, medium frame stainless steel;

iPad Pro: Atmosphere 11吋 and 12.9吋 both versions are LCD material, A12X processor, support Face ID, may have 64GB/256GB/512GB/1TB four memory versions;

Apple Watch: When the length and width of the fuselage are the same, the screen size is increased by 15% compared to Series3, the compression thickness is only 16GB memory version, silver, gray and gold.

MacBook: 12-inch and 13-inch versions, all Retina screens, the appearance is almost unchanged, other regular upgrades should also include processor, memory and other upgrades, still only USB-C interface.