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Only four countries in the world, Apple announced the reopening of 21 retail stores across Australia

DH 2020-05-07 10:53:33

Apple launched a new mobile phone iPhoneSE ("Australian Daily" map)

Apple will reopen almost all its Australian stores this week. The technology giant ’s retail store will continue to operate in only four countries around the world, and Australia is one of them.

However, while reopening the store, Apple also announced that it will conduct temperature tests on customers who are going to enter the store during the pandemic of the new coronavirus. At the same time, each store also issued a new business timetable, the business hours were changed from 10 am to 5 pm.

Apple said in a statement that its 21 stores in Australia will reopen this Thursday, but the flagship store on George Street in Sydney will continue to close due to renovations.

In addition to Australia, Apple has also opened its stores in China, Austria and South Korea.

The company said in a statement: "We are very pleased to welcome guests back to the Australian store later this week. We miss our guests and look forward to providing them with service and support. As many Australians currently work from home and Learning, so our initial focus will be on the service and support of the Genius bar. First, we will equip the store with additional safety and health precautions during the opening, including temperature checks and social distances Regulate and adjust business hours to ensure the health of customers and employees. Our social distance regulations mean that the number of customers in the store will be limited, so customers who come to the store in person may need to wait for a while. If possible, we recommend Customers buy our products online and choose to deliver them to their homes or pick them up in stores. "

Starting today, customers should be able to make an appointment through Apple ’s Genius Bar system.

In February of this year, Apple became the first major US company to announce that it was unable to meet revenue expectations for the quarter due to a new coronavirus outbreak. The company said the new coronavirus epidemic has restricted iPhone sales worldwide and reduced China ’s sales Market demand for its products.

Apple's latest mobile phone, iPhone SE, has also been on sale recently, and Australian commentator Chris Griffith said that this is a technology product that deserves serious consideration.