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Apple accelerates progress to promote off-screen fingerprint: iPad will be used early

DH 2020-07-07 17:01:13

Apple is advancing the new fingerprint terminal under the screen, there is no doubt that after all, they have a lot of patents.

  According to Weibo breaking news@Mobilechip Daren, a friend familiar with Apple products and Foxconn said that Apple is preparing to launch a low-cost iPad with side fingerprint recognition next year.

It is also reported that Apple is still advancing under-screen fingerprint technology, and the first device to be equipped will be a new model of iPad Air, and it is not surprising that they do this. First of all, Apple has its own fingerprint chip factory and The technical team (previously acquired through acquisition), followed by this new new technology assembled on the iPad and tested, and then used on the iPhone is also consistent with their usual style.

It is also reported that in addition to the new iPad Air, Apple is also preparing an entry-level iPad with A12 Bionic chip, a smaller HomePod smart speaker, a new Apple TV set-top box, a small single-device wireless charging pad, and the third-generation AirPods true wireless Headphones and 13-inch MacBook Pro (the screen may be upgraded to 14 inches) and iMac models.

Apple has also applied for similar patents for off-screen fingerprint technology, such as embedding a communication antenna in the strap, but mentions that the screen of the watch may include "one or more input devices, such as touch-sensitive devices, sensor devices, and temperature sensors. Device and/or fingerprint sensor."

In fact, this seems reasonable. Apple’s current Face ID is not suitable for Apple Watch, so the off-screen fingerprint technology may be a very good solution. Of course, using the off-screen fingerprint is also conducive to Apple’s true full-screen technology on the iPhone. .