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Analysis and views on iPhone XS and XS Max signal gates

2018-12-10 10:33:15
The main problem of this article is: the use of FCC's EIRP as a basis for comparing the performance of wireless performance

  The FCC's requirement for EIRP is actually to limit the maximum launch hazard of mobile phones, rather than to quantify the communication quality of mobile phones.
  EIRP = conducted transmit power + antenna gain, and the antenna gain here is the value of the antenna in the best direction - something that some engineers will ignore - for a mobile phone with a position and attitude that changes over time It is difficult to fully understand the antenna performance based on the best direction of EIRP.
Finally, you may have noticed that EIRP has always said that it is a "launch" feature, and that you are most concerned about the "receive" performance. This point, AJ himself also emphasized in a reply to the original post on October 31:

“The takeaway is that iPhone EIRP in the lab has not always been so compromised as it appears to be this year.  Real world RF performance comparisons when some users switch from the iPhone X and 8 generation to the iPhone XS generation, no doubt, will be interesting.”

Second, conduction testing, conventional OTA testing and the most advanced MIMO OTA testing: