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4 mobile phone battery life competition: Samsung S9 + and a plus 5T tied for first

   Recently, foreign media took Samsung S9+, one plus 5T, Huawei glory 7X, oppo F7 (OPPO R15 overseas low-grade version) for a battery life competition, the battery capacity of these four mobile phones were 3500 mA, 3300 mA respectively. Ann, 3340 mAh, 3400 mAh. In terms of battery capacity, they are basically the same. In this competition, these four mobile phones played online video at the same time for two hours. Let's take a look at the remaining battery condition after two hours. And in the test environment, the brightness of the mobile phone is the same, the background is completely cleared, and the flight mode is turned on. We can see that 30 minutes after playing the video, the remaining power of the OPPO F7 is 94%, the remaining power of the Samsung S9+ is 96%, the remaining power of the one plus 5T is 96%, and Huawei glorifies 7X of the remaining power by 95%. In this battery life competition, one plus 5T and Samsung S9 + tied for the first, in fact, throughout the entire process can also see that the Samsung S9 + and a plus 5T power has been almost the same, to know one plus 5T in the four mobile phones The battery capacity is the least, and finally it is not easy to rank first. OPPP F7 and Glory 7X can only be said to be quite satisfactory.